JEE Main Preparation Tips and Suggestions for Class 12 and 11 Students

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JEE Main Preparation Tips Class 12 and 11.

First of all there are two cases:

1st Case : If you are in 12th standard – 

JEE Main Preparation Tips for Class 12 Students

It further subdivides :-

If you didn’t ruin your 11th :- Then you are going at good pace and keep doing it, stick to your plans and solve more stuff like papers and additional materials, and take suggestions from your teachers for your grey areas and after 12th portion is complete or on the verge of completion, start revising your 11th stuff.

If you wasted your 11th standard time :- For you the priority must be time management. Since you wasted your time in 11th you will have to work a little harder than others who didn’t waste. You have to start up with your missed, weakest and important chapters of 11th along with your 12th. So you have to divide your time of week into 70% of your extra study time (i.e. other than the coaching) in 12th stuff and 30% in 11th stuff right from the beginning to get your backlogs clear well within time, and then go on with the extra solving part.

Suggestions for the D Day :- I messed up my JEE Main just because I got nervous and hence didn’t read the questions properly though I could pretty well solve them all if I would be calm. So don’t get nervous and be confident. Trust your hard work. Even if you aren’t prepared well with the content but if you manage to remain calm you can really create wonders. So learning from my JEE Main, I managed to get my nervousness level low during Advanced and cleared it.

2nd Case : If you are in 11th standard –

JEE Main Preparation Tips for Class 11 Students

Things might feel a different little bit in starting few months but take it easy. It’s going to be a wonderful journey of two years of your life if you are truly dedicated. In the starting months you should start to build up your interest in all the three subjects PCM equally.

11th standard is crucial because its the time when you build up your basics, which is very important. Clear each and every silliest of your doubts with each topic.

If you joined any coaching institute try to make use of it’s facilities like test reports, analysis of tests, doubt sessions etc. Get used to the test format for mains and the test duration for advanced i.e. 6 hours.

Make your notes (short so that a quick glimpse will revise the whole chapter) of each lecture. One big mistake which I did was not making the notes of Inorganic Chemistry and so I had to suffer in Mains (a lot) and 2 questions in Advanced, so do make notes because making notes yourself is basically one type of revision of your lecture and also any kind of doubt/thought which you didn’t have earlier will come while making the notes which helps to build the thought process useful for problem solving in advance.

Also during the ending parts of 11th there are chapters like rotation, COM & fluids in Physics, Conic section in Math, and the starting of Organic Chemistry in Chemistry which are really important chapters but students quite often leave these because they find it difficult. Don’t do that, it’s not difficult. For conics, learn all the formulas and try to solve more problems. For Physics also try to solve problems and develop imagination and for Chemistry get clear with the BASIC GOC and Reaction mechanism. It will help in the further chapters.

Three things which always takes you to success :

  1. Hard work.
  2. Your will i.e. determination and focus.
  3. Time Management.

Mansi Sarawata
AIR 2980, JEE Advanced 2018

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