5 Things to Get Started on the Path to Success in IIT-JEE/NEET

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How to get success in IIT-JEE/NEET? This is one of the frequently asked question from JEE and Medical aspirants.

These are the five things that will lead you to success in JEE/NEET.

  1. The BELIEF that you need to get better.
  2. The DESIRE to want to get better.
  3. The WILLINGNESS to take action to get better.
  4. The WISDOM to learn how to get better.
  5. The DISCIPLINE to follow through and BE GREAT.

The BELIEF that you need to get better

At the start or after few initial months, self-doubt creep in many aspirants. Can I really do this? Other people are better, smarter, more worthy than me. Comparing yourself to others will make you feel as if you’re not really good at anything, which will sabotage your self-belief.

JEE/NEET preparation is a journey from beginner to expert. With each passing day, you are learning and practicing something, improving your concepts and problem solving skills.

It’s a tough competition out there. You need to keep getting better through hard work, consistency and discipline. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it.

The DESIRE to want to get better.

To be successful in clearing JEE/NEET, you have to love what you do. The best thing that helps to focus on JEE or NEET preparation and not affected by unnecessary distractions is – your will power and ambition to clear the exam.

You need to believe that you can do it before you can actually achieve it.

You should target to become the best. Your competition is not with other aspirants (in reality they are, but should not be in your mind). You have to surpass your own performance in tests.

The WILLINGNESS to take action to get better.

Don’t over-plan and under-act! Momentum comes through actions, so do something that moves you forwards. Even reading a simple topic is significant.

The more you do, the better you get. The better you get, the more you do.

Results come to those who “act” while others are discovering the “right” ways to generate results.

Students often presume that in order to clear an exam like JEE or NEET, they need an inspiration. Action is what forces inspiration.

Rightly said by Rakshit Tiwari (IIT Guwahati),

Don’t get confused with questions like “How to start?”, “From where should I begin?”, “When to study?”. Start with your favourite subject. It will give you confidence to prepare well for your target exam.

The WISDOM to learn how to get better.

Wisdom comes from walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

You must be self aware of the things. Where are you standing? How much effort you need? You know best about yourself. Do you need a mentor to guide you? Do you need a good teacher who can clear your doubts?

Identify your needs and fill the gaps. Do what it takes to perform with best of your ability, with help from right resources and material.

Make small realistic goals and try to achieve them one by one. Small achievable goals motivate and inspire us towards our larger goals. Each goal achieved builds confidence and makes the journey towards success enjoyable.

Acknowledge your results and strengths. Work on weakness.

The DISCIPLINE to follow through and BE GREAT.

Being positive is not enough. We have to back our thinking with hard work, follow through and determination.

Discipline is equivalent to consistency. Consistency leads to discipline and discipline brings consistency. Being a doer instead of just a thinker requires an insane amount of discipline and commitment.

Discipline is one of the key differentiators separating those who clear JEE and NEET from those who don’t.

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Post inspired from David Geurin’s‏ edchat.


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