How to Maintain Consistency in Studies for IIT JEE Preparation?

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Tips to maintain consistency for IIT JEE.

To maintain consistency you have to understand why you are preparing for IIT-JEE and you will have to be prepared to give up things which others won’t. First imagine you being JEE AIR 1 and all the fame you would get. Every time you don’t do well in an exam you open your question paper and see where you went wrong and why and what exactly was going on in your brain while doing that problem in exam.

How to Maintain Consistency in IIT JEE Preparation?

Here are the tips to maintain consistency for IIT JEE.

  1. Self motivation is very important. You will have to realise the value of what you’re doing, you will have to be very ambitious.
  2. If you don’t possess that skill to motivate yourself, use external factors, place a bet with your dad or your friends that you will get a single digit rank in exchange for a car or for a treat. With friends however it can be simple like a dare or something. When you win bets like that you will be motivated to achieve more. This is how I survived.
  3. The next task would be irrespective of the day or date wake up consistently at the same time and study during the same hours every day. Plan a timetable for JEE, just a simple one.
  4. The next point to maintain your interest and dedication in JEE would be to use sticky notes (will be available in stationery shops), write down your short term goals as well as long term goals and stick it in a place where you would see it very often (e.g. I stuck it in the middle of the mirror so that while brushing my teeth I could see it).
  5. My sticky note said – “I will get a double digit rank in JEE Advanced”. I finally got 3837. The simple fact is you don’t get what you dream always, however we all know that 3837 is actually not such a bad rank considering you can still get CSE, however I didn’t take CSE.
  6. The next mantra would be to just shout your goal as soon as you wake up at least 5 times. It keeps you motivated.
  7. Never feel jealous about your school friends who enjoy their high school, those who enjoy now will later feel bad and those who work hard now will cherish it for the rest of their life’s.

I have lots of other tips for maintaining consistency in JEE but I am sure these will be enough. Follow anyone of these with your whole heart and you will be motivated throughout the journey.

All the very best.

A Amrith Rangan

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