4 Unusual Revision Methods for NEET and JEE That You May Not Know

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Unusual Revision Methods for NEET and JEE.

Revision is one of the most important factors to clear exams like NEET and JEE. Revision is a continuous process which must happen daily in some form or other. Majority of students are aware of the basic revision tips and techniques, but in this post we will look at some unusual revision methods that you may have not heard of.

4 Unusual Revision Methods for NEET and JEE

Here are some unusual revision methods for NEET and JEE.

1. Spread out your revision sessions

To commit something to memory takes time. Spreading out your revision sessions on a particular topic is more effective than spending the same amount of time in one go. This effect, known as spacing or distributed learning, helps because it allows time in between revision sessions to forget and re-learn the material.

2. Test/Quiz Yourself

Testing yourself through practice/mock tests not just improves your ability to recall and remember things, it also helps in analyzing mistakes that you are making while solving problems. Then it’s all about learning from those mistakes. Quizzing yourself after a revision session is also a type of testing method.

3. Teach someone to revise better

Teaching someone requires you to learn and organise your knowledge in a clear and structured manner. You can teach any concept to your friend, classmate in school, and take part in peer to peer learning activity. And it’s not just one way, you can also gain useful tips from others.

4. Think ahead of highlighters

Using underline, marking some piece of information, will not be valuable unless you connect it to another piece of information. Concepts are interrelated and in many cases they correlate to the real world. In JEE or NEET exams, especially in Physics, the good understanding of concepts can be the deciding factor in clearing the exam and getting a top rank.

Two basic things for better revision in JEE/ NEET preparation

  • Eat well and have a proper sleep. Research has found that skipping breakfast reduces students attention and ability to recall information. So eat your meals on time. It will help you in concentrating more on your studies, revision and exam preparation. A good sleep relaxes your mind, improves your ability to remember things. You’ll focus well and always feel energetic.
  • Put your phone away, avoid music while studying. Excessive usage of mobile phones is a big distraction for students in JEE/ NEET preparation. It’s like an addiction that needs to be taken care of, it’s not just notifications or updates, even a sight of a phone reduces your ability to focus. Keep your phone out of sight i.e. out of mind. Listen to music only when not studying. Students who study in a quiet environment can recall more than those who study while listening to music.

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