Will IIT JEE/ NEET Online Coaching Replace the Existing Coaching System?

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JEE/ NEET online coaching concerns.

The question from an upcoming teacher – Will online coaching for IIT JEE/ NEET replace the existing coaching system?

It’s not the question of replacement, it’s about affordability, removing location and language barriers. There are many cities in India and abroad (for NRI students) where good quality teachers are not available physically. Online coaching (Live Classes) allows students to study from qualified and experienced teachers in online mode from anywhere.

A renowned faculty who is teaching students in traditional classes, put some question marks over efficiency of JEE/NEET online coaching classes. Let’s try to answer these concerns one by one.

1. The best thing about traditional classroom coaching is interaction between student and teacher. It is hardly possible in online coaching.

Some people confuse online coaching with recorded lectures. Online classes are very personalized with two-way interaction between teacher and student. On the contrary, in a batch of 150 students in a physical classroom, how many teachers interact with each student after the class. I guess not many.

Online coaching batches are short (20–25 students), so it’s easy to focus on each student’s performance.

Doubt removal sessions are always available in online coaching, and mistakes correction, uploading question and answers, special sessions on student request, recordings of classes, all these things are provided to students via an online classroom.

2. IIT JEE/NEET Online Coaching (Internet) will distract students

JEE/ NEET online classes generally happen under the monitoring of parents. Would any parent allow the child to waste unnecessary time during the class? No. Anyway, the students who want to clear JEE or NEET know about the importance of time and they like to stay away from any type of distractions. About the concentration in the class, it’s all about the teacher’s ability to engage with students, irrespective of the medium of coaching.

3. Online coaching is too early for school students. It’s good for graduate and postgraduate students but not for school students.

Speaking of age and maturity factor, school students are not far behind these days. Most of the students outside India are preferring online classes for JEE/ NEET preparation. Our students (and many are already doing) can surely adapt to the new ways of entrance exams preparation.

Teachers who like to use technology to teach students

For people who are coming into the teaching field and very passionate about it, online coaching enhances your reach to students that are living far away from your place. It’s also a very convenient option as there is no travelling involved, and the batch timings works well if you are already teaching somewhere during the day time.

Misunderstanding about JEE/ NEET online coaching

The concept of JEE/ NEET online coaching is still not understood correctly by people. It certainly gives some benefits to teachers, students and parents, all of them. And if managed and delivered well, online coaching does give results.

Will traditional offline coaching get affected by JEE/ NEET online coaching?

I am not putting JEE/ NEET online coaching above offline but when we see our schools shifting to “smart classrooms” everywhere, and govt’s one of the top priority is to provide digital education, everything will not be the same like past, whether it’s examination modes or delivery mechanism of JEE/ Medical coaching classes.

PS : I work for an online coaching provider. 

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