Small Goals That Motivates You to Get a Good Rank in JEE

By | Last updated on June 1st, 2017

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I’m mentioning here some of the goals you can set for your motivation in JEE preparation.

  • First of all, you should focus on the topic you liked the most. This is the best way to warmup yourself. Then go for further topics.
  • In your tests, always set a target that how many marks you should get in it. But, don’t set big targets that are not achievable. They would lead you to depression.
  • Set your goal keeping in mind, your previous performances. You have to get an edge over your own scores.
  • Be precise, don’t engage yourself in solving an enormous set of questions based on a particular topic. Select few of them and then solve them. It feels really good to see that you’ve completed another topic.
  • Analyse your score in a test.
  • Count the marks you lose due to silly mistakes, conceptual error, wrong interpretation of any question and other mistakes. After every test compare it with the previous one. This will not only reduce your chance of committing a mistake but also it will motivate you as marks will increase.
  • At the end of the day, summarize what you learned today. Check if you can do much more than that.
  • If you keep on improving yourself you will definitely get motivated.
  • Realize yourself that how close you have reached to your target.
  • You can listen to some motivating songs also. Trust me it gives much relief and motivation. Listen to them but not for more than 15 minutes.

I like the lyrics of the song “Besabriyaan” from the movie M.S. Dhoni (The untold story)

They are, “ Kyun roshni tu bahar talaashe, teri mashaale hain andar tere”.

It’s really inspiring.

Stop comparing yourself to others, opportunities differ from person to person.

Believe in yourself.

I hope this helps!

Apoorv Agrawal
IIT Indore


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