Which is More Important for JEE – Class 11 or 12?

By | Posted on March 9th, 2021

More important for JEE class 11 or 12

JEE syllabus contains the chapters and topics from class 11 and 12. Students (mostly those who don’t keep up with the syllabus) ask this question.

Which is More Important for JEE – Class 11 or 12?

Both class 11 and 12 are equally important if you want to score a good rank in JEE. Though class 12 syllabus has a slightly higher weightage in JEE, you really can’t expect to understand those topics without the prior knowledge of class 11.

11th grade is the basics and what you study in 12th builds on it. Class 12 syllabus questions also involve concepts from class 11. In Chemistry, class 11 and 12 topics are related especially in Organic Chemistry so you have to spend the same amount of time in both the classes.

Weightage of Class 11 and 12 in JEE

Generally, class 12 has 60% weightage and class 11 has 40% weightage in JEE, but it can’t be a surety. The examiners can surprise everyone, class 12 to class 11 ratio could be 60:40, 50:50 or 40:60 in the exam.

It hardly matters which class has high weightage because anyway you have to clear your class 11 concepts in order to have a good command on class 12 syllabus. If you have time in hand, don’t even look at the weightage of class 11 and 12 and prepare for all JEE topics with equal enthusiasm and dedication.

Which class JEE syllabus is tough?

Finding something “tough” is a very relative concept whether it’s class 11 or class 12 JEE syllabus. Students coming to class 11 find it a bit difficult as there is a major shift in the syllabus which requires logical learning and analytical thinking. Compared to that, they find class 12 a bit easier than class 11.

Important Chapters of Class 11 in JEE

Chemistry :

  • General Organic Chemistry
  • Isomerism
  • Thermodynamics (Common in Physics) and Equilibrium
  • Structure of Atom (Common in Physics with Modern physics)

Math :

  • Conic Section and Coordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Complex Numbers

Physics :

  • WPE and Rotation
  • S.H.M. and Waves Oscillations

Important Chapters of Class 12 in JEE

Chemistry :

  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Coordination Compounds

Math : 

  • 3D Geometry
  • Vector
  • Probability
  • Integration

Physics : 

  • Modern Physics
  • Electrodynamics

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