Is JEE Advanced Paper-2 Easier or Difficult Than Paper-1?

By | Posted on February 10th, 2021

JEE Advanced paper 1 2 comparison

Question asked by a JEE aspirant : I am not able to solve JEE Advanced paper 2 more efficiently even if it is easier than paper 1. I want to know the best way to solve paper 2 if your concepts are clear and you do well in paper 1 but you ruin your paper 2?

JEE Advanced Paper-1 and Paper-2 Comparison

The JEE Advanced paper is a bit of psychological game. JEE Advanced Paper-I generally wear off your energy by solving very rigorous problems. Then comes the paper-II. In this paper, the questions are generally easy and this is the one factor which disturbs our mind during the exam.

As per my experience I can surely say that the questions generally do play with us. They are made in a convincing manner so that the students find them easy and solve them. But there is some or the other twist for sure. I mean, many times we over read a question. You might have even observed that in many cases you read till 80% of the question and you go loose for the other question and start answering and the twist in the question lies in the 20% itself.

Many times exceptions to some particular topic are given in JEE Advanced paper-II and we tend to solve them in the normal way. The options are generally designed in such a way that the professors know where the students go wrong and all such answers are included. On seeing them our mind excites really a lot.

Is JEE Advanced Paper-2 Easier or Difficult Than Paper-1?

You may find it surprising but after 3 hours of tough paper and then comes a bit easy paper and everyone feels relaxed.

In my view, both JEE Advanced papers are comparatively equal. It’s only our way of thinking and energy which decides the paper-II as easy or difficult.

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Kharan Shiluveru

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