How to Study Physics in Class 12 for Boards and JEE/NEET?

By | August 21, 2018

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Since I have recently cleared my Boards and IIT-JEE Entrance Test and got 95/100 in Physics Boards along with good marks in Physics JEE Advanced, I think I am eligible to suggest you these things :

How to Study Physics in Class 12 for Boards and JEE/NEET?

1. Studying Physics for Boards :

Physics is really a very easy subject if you are clear with the basics. For boards, I would strictly recommend you to stick to your Boards textbook and nothing else. Boards textbook really at its level is good enough to clear up the basics. Go through the textbook thoroughly at least twice before your exam (i.e. during your whole year in 12th).

If you have less time left with you, get the weightage of each chapter from any kind of digest or master key (weightage is usually give in index along with the chapter name) so mark these wieghtages in your textbook and then start going through the chapter in descending order (i.e. with maximum weightage first). And finally go thorough (and if you have time even write those papers) previous years question papers about two to three weeks before your exams, it helps you with the time management and you get an idea of important chapters.

2. Studying Physics for IIT-JEE / NEET Entrance Test :

If you are not good at basics, first get them cleared through HC Verma book and for theoretical chapters like semiconductors and all, go through NCERT (Physics NCERT is usually not needed if you go through HC Verma except for these chapters). If you are going to some JEE/NEET coaching, follow the content given by the coaching (after clearing the basics per chapter) and start solving variety of questions (Variety is important, not the number of questions you solve).

This was all about the sources. Now self-study is the most important thing. Enjoy your studies, feel fresh while you are studying, take breaks when you feel to take. Don’t exceed the limit 🙂

Good luck!

Mansi Sarawata
AIR 2980, JEE Advanced 2018

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