What are the Things to Avoid in NEET Preparation?

By | Last updated on August 30th, 2022

Things to avoid in NEET preparation.

There are many study tips for NEET like best practices, methods and preparation strategy. Along with useful tips you also need to keep in mind some of the things to avoid in the NEET preparation.

8 Things to Avoid in NEET Preparation

  1. Inconsistency and Procrastination.
  2. Multitasking.
  3. Excessive TV, Social media.
  4. Quantity over quality.
  5. Not allowing flexibility in studies.
  6. Becoming sad due to low scores in tests.
  7. Long study hours.
  8. Negative people and thoughts.

Inconsistency and Procrastination

Procrastination is a lazy habit, you don’t need this in NEET preparation. Finishing homework and assignments on time is a habit which helps in achieving your goal. Be consistent. Stick to your study schedule and plan. Getting stuck is fine. Staying stuck isn’t. Do something. Clear your doubts asap.


Don’t study while you’re watching TV, getting sleepy, or thinking something else not related to your preparation. Always study with full concentration. Don’t perform any other task when you are studying for your exams.

Excessive TV, Social media

Avoid anything that can take your precious time, NEET preparation need your focus and dedication, rest of the things can wait.

Quantity over quality

Quality matters more than quantity. The number of books you read doesn’t increase your chances of success in NEET. You need to be aware of what’s in the NEET syllabus and avoid questions which are above the exam level. It’s recommended to refer to coaching study material.

Not allowing flexibility in studies

Ideally your time table should cover all the subjects but sometimes when your mind says it’s enough to study a subject for the day, then it’s okay to move on to another subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily work/ assignment.

Becoming sad due to low scores in tests

Monthly/ Weekly tests in coaching or mock tests are just to evaluate your understanding and learning. It’s a way to learn from your mistakes. Don’t get demotivated because of low scores in tests. It’s a continuous effort till the exam day. Have patience, keep trying and don’t give up.

Long study hours

Avoid long study hours if it results in fatigue. Small breaks after 45–60 minutes of study can improve your productivity.

Negative people and thoughts

Stay in the group of positive people who motivates you. Whether it’s your friends, peers, parents and teachers, you need support from people around you.

The distractions come due to lack of passion, interest and determination. If you badly want something, your aim is clear to achieve it. You’ll have plenty of time later to spend your time enjoying things you miss out during the preparation.

All the best.

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