How to Decide When to Give JEE Main Exam? Which JEE Main Session Should I Attempt?

By | Last updated on April 11th, 2022

When to appear for JEE Main?

JEE Main examination will be conducted twice in a year. The questions asked by JEE aspirants are – How to decide when to appear for JEE Main? Should I attempt JEE Main session-1, session-2 or both the sessions?

Tips on How to Decide When to Give JEE Main Exam

  • You should give the JEE Main Session-1, even if you are not fully prepared, to get the experience of giving the real exam.
  • Don’t choose only the JEE Main Session-2. It will add unnecessary pressure as it’s the last chance to crack the exam.
  • If you are taking coaching or have joined a course for JEE preparation, then ask your teachers about any specific advice for appearing in JEE Main.
  • Don’t get worried or demotivated if JEE Main first attempt doesn’t go as per your expectations. You can improve your score by attempting the exam again.

Finally, deciding when to appear for JEE Main depends on your comfort level, board preparation, ability to handle pressure and other above mentioned points. You can choose JEE Main session as per your convenience.

PS : It’s recommended to attempt both JEE Main sessions.

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