How to Score Good Marks in NEET Exam? Get 3-Digit Rank in NEET

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There are no secrets as such to score good marks in the NEET exam, but a few points to keep in mind for aspirants. This is a guest post by a medical student (3-digit rank in NEET 2020) who chose to be anonymous and likes to help future NEET aspirants.

How to Score Good Marks in NEET Exam?

Tips to score good marks (3-digit rank) in the NEET exam : 

  1. Improve yourself. You and the topper of your class are no different. They are just more dedicated towards their goal, are punctual and disciplined with their studies, and you are not. Accept that and try to improve.
  2. NCERT is the ultimate book to score good marks in NEET. But simply don’t ignore the coaching modules. The concepts explained in modules form a base for understanding NCERT.
  3. Marks obtained in mock tests should not bother you. You should be bothered about the reasons which made you score less in NEET tests, like weak concepts and syllabus backlog.
  4. Develop a habit of solving questions in a time limit from the beginning itself. It helps.
  5. Stop running behind every NEET topper and teacher for guidance. Rather have only one or two mentors who can guide you throughout.
  6. Make NEET short notes only after you’ve completed the entire 11th and 12th syllabus.
  7. NEET is not a burden, it isn’t a struggle. Please understand that.
  8. Choose your friends wisely. Trust me, it also affects the preparation.
  9. Your competition is not confined to the classroom. The real competition starts where you think it ends.
  10. Never let your parents down, give your best. The result will not be yours alone, trust me, your parents are working much harder than you are. They don’t need to skip parties, minimise watching TV, cancel trips, adjust according to your timetable, but they do.

The thing is from class 11th beginning to 12th end, one’s understanding of the NEET exam sees a drastic change. Maybe you’ll find that the thing you found hard or important in the beginning is not at all important for the exam.

Meditating 10 mins a day will keep you calm and composed. Enjoy the journey, eat healthy, be healthy and score good marks in NEET.

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