How to Crack JEE Main and Advanced? 30 Biggest Study Hacks and Tricks

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Tips to crack JEE Main.

IIT JEE is the most challenging competitive entrance exam in India. It’s important for JEE aspirants to follow proper schedule, preparation tips (called as study hacks by many), tricks and strategy in order to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

How to Crack JEE Main and Advanced?

Study hacks and tricks to crack JEE Main and Advanced :

  1. Don’t get confused with questions like “How to start?”, “From where should I begin?”, “When to study?”. Start with your favourite subject. It will give you confidence to prepare well for JEE.
  2. Follow a study routine to crack JEE, a timetable giving equal importance to all the subjects.
  3. Be consistent. Daily studies and practice is the most important skill you need to crack IIT JEE.
  4. See the complete JEE syllabus. You need to learn topics, understand concepts and practice questions as per the syllabus. During the course of preparation, you should revisit syllabus from time-to-time and keep an eye on your progress and more importantly make sure that no topic is left out in any of the subjects.
  5. If you have backlogs, then you need to be careful that you don’t stay behind in your current topics in the class in order to cover your backlogs. Make a balance between current studies and backlogs.
  6. Try to follow a JEE study material over the reference books so that you can focus on JEE topics only.
  7. Don’t undermine the NCERTs. Solved examples and summary is of great help.
  8. Study with full concentration whenever you study.
  9. Make problem solving a habit. Spend some time everyday solving problems. Only covering the theory will get you nowhere. JEE demands a lot of practice.
  10. Go into the root of the problem, understand the concepts instead of memorizing them (some exception to Chemistry).
  11. If you are not able to solve a problem, read the theory again and again till you get the feel of the topic. Talk to your teachers and don’t give up easily.
  12. Make a notebook of all your mistakes, revise it regularly.
  13. The sequence of learning is important. You should be aware of simple, basic concepts before knowing the complex ones.
  14. Read through your weaker sections and then attempt problems related to it.
  15. Know the right way to practice the problems. Focus on Concepts, Practice, Speed and Accuracy.
  16. Avoid using multiple books and material in your preparation. Quality matters more than quantity in JEE preparation.
  17. Complete your homework and assignments on time and take them seriously.
  18. Make sure you achieve your daily or weekly targets. Never procrastinate.
  19. It is important that your basics of almost all the topics are clear and that you can tackle easy or moderate level problems in those topics, because sometimes easier questions may come from the topics which you didn’t prepare that well.
  20. Resolve your doubts quickly. If you don’t understand anything, ask the same question again and again from your teacher.
  21. Don’t get depressed due to low scores in tests. Analyse your performance in tests and learn from mistakes.
  22. During the exam and before that in practice tests also, do not let any question eat up your time. Skip the question as soon as you are nowhere close to the answer. Come back to these questions after you finished the whole paper once.
  23. Focus on time management and pattern of solving questions.
  24. Make notes which are easy to read for you.
  25. Keep revising what you are studying, every day, every week, every month. It takes long to learn something for the first time but it doesn’t take much time to revise it every now and then.
  26. Avoid anything that can take your precious time, JEE needs your complete dedication, rest of the things can wait.
  27. Stay determined. There will be times when you would find it difficult to understand and manage things. Do not give up.
  28. Don’t take extreme pressure, it will be good for you if you go with a positive mind to the exam. Avoid silly mistakes, first in mock tests and then on the exam day. Remain calm and composed.
  29. Take your JEE dreams seriously. Most students don’t. Take them serious enough to become amazing and move beyond mediocre. Get coaching and guidance.
  30. Be passionate about your goals and keep remembering all the accolades and respect you’ll get after cracking IIT JEE with top rank.

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