How Does One Know When The Concepts of a Chapter are Clear in IIT JEE Preparation?

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IIT JEE concept clearing.

Question asked : During the JEE preparation, how does one know when the concepts of a chapter are clear?

You understand that your concepts of a chapter are clear if any one or all of the following points apply to you:

  1. You can solve any type of question from that topic. Even questions perceived as difficult by your friends can be easily solved by you.
  2. You see the motive behind the question. That is, you see from the point of view of the question setter, and realize the purpose of the question.
  3. You can visualize the problem before you and can think of practical ways to implement the question, and its solution in each scenario.
  4. Try to think of different ways to solve the same problem. If your concept is clear, your brain will devise different, ingenious and shorter ways around the hurdle.
  5. Using your concept, devise new questions from the same topic and solve them using a different method than the one you applied while creating it.

Lastly, but most importantly, even if you feel your concepts are clear, do not become overconfident in that particular topic and keep revising that topic, because hard work always gets rewarded.

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Subhadeep Pal

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