Is it Worth Taking a Drop for NEET 2025? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Taking a drop for NEET?

Is it worth taking a drop for NEET 2025?

Yes, it is worth taking a drop for NEET 2025 to secure an MBBS seat. Many students take multiple drops for NEET and they do get good ranks and medical colleges, even after 3rd or 4th drop. Think about every factor before taking a drop for NEET but once you decide and drop, do not keep looking back.

This is a guest post from Shubham Garg who got AIR 134 in NEET and AIR 327 in AIIMS, 2016.

In this post, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of taking a drop for NEET. Since I support taking a drop for NEET, I will also give solution to these cons too.

Advantages of Taking a Drop for NEET

Here are some advantages (pros) of taking a drop for NEET :

  1. Working hard for an entire year without having to worry about school tests, board exams, board results, etc., is very beneficial as you can directly aim for the bull’s eye (NEET-UG).
  2. If you work hard, you can revise whatever is taught in the coaching classes on the same day as the day the topic was taught, so that enhances retention of stuff. I remember when I went to coaching with school, I just made notes of whatever was taught in the classes and didn’t bother to come back home and revise it. At most, if there was a paper, a day before the test, I would practice the biology section well, leaving Physics and Chemistry in its entirety sometimes.
  3. In a drop year, you get ample time to practice a lot of questions at home, while in school, you have to squeeze out time to even revise the stuff, let alone practicing an ample number of questions.
  4. An increase of 100–125 marks in NEET is quite achievable in drop year, at a medium range of marks i.e. from 400–500 you can easily reach 525–625+(respectively).
  5. At lower marks(<400), an even greater increase is frequently seen after drop. I know people who have increased their scores from ~350 to ~550.
  6. I had around 4–5 close friends who dropped for NEET and all of them made it to great colleges on their second attempts. But I have to mention that all of them were really hard-working.

Experience of Dropping a Year for NEET

Success or not, a drop year teaches you a lot. My experience of dropping a year for NEET taught me that hard work can beat everything else and I do not doubt my capabilities at all now. Earlier I used to doubt myself, but the experience of dropping gave me much more than just a seat at a good medical college. Had I joined even the best private medical college (I had cleared Manipal with a decent rank) or gone for some other course, I would have always had doubts on my capability.

More than anything else, the experience of dropping a year made me believe myself. It made me realise that anything is possible with hard work and proper planning.

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Disadvantages of Taking a Drop for NEET and the Solutions

As the saying goes, Life is not a bed of roses and same is the case with a drop year. There is a dark side to dropping which many aspirants fail to realise and then regret their decision. So it is better to be aware beforehand. Since I support taking a drop for NEET, I’d mention a solution to these cons too.

  • Merely taking a drop does not guarantee you a selection – Do not be under the impression that just taking a drop would fulfill everything. You’ll have to work very hard because you need to cover the syllabus of two years in a single year. Also, you’ll have to work daily unlike school where most students work just before exam. You should go for a drop if you believe you can work hard for an entire year.
  • You are alone in this war – Many of your friends would not drop and would join colleges. Even your friends who were preparing for NEET might decide against dropping and either join a private medical college or may join some other course. You’ll be cut off from most of them with time. Only your family would stand by you at all times.
  • You will regret dropping numerous times throughout the year – Taking a drop is not as easy as it seems, it takes a toll on you mentally, physically and emotionally. You would often find your friends enjoying in their colleges. You would regret not joining that private medical college you were getting or the not-so-good course in that not-so-good college in that not-so-good city. Solution – Stay away from social media, limit communication with friends who demotivate you/bring you down and most importantly, believe in yourself and ponder upon why you took the decision of dropping.
  • Your confidence will take a hit – You’ll be faced with many instances where you might not get your desired/expected score even after working very hard. It is at these times that you need to believe yourself. Do not get affected by this and keep working hard, identify where you are lacking, and work on it. You may lose a battle but you have to win that war.
  • You might score really well in a test during your drop. Do not let this mini-success get over you, rather strive to surpass such mini-successes one after another. As I just said, keep your eyes on the war, not on a battle.

Keep working hard as there is no substitute to hard work. Smart work and judicious planning are catalysts to success but nothing can replace hard work.

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All the best folks!

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