How to Prepare for NEET 2017 in Last Few (2-3) Months Time?

By | May 12, 2016

NEET Phase 2 Preparation

For Students targeting NEET 2018 and later : This is an old post written for NEET Phase 2 students in 2016.

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Last Updated : June 24, 2016

Warning : If you are already preparing sincerely for NEET 2 from last one month or so, then this post may help you, but if you have just woke up and looking to cover full syllabus of NEET 2 within one month, then I’m afraid it’s a bit late for you to clear NEET 2 this year. Not impossible, but very-2 tough task.

What should be the right preparation strategy for NEET Phase 2?

There are two category of students who will be giving NEET phase 2 this year. First, who have already given NEET 1 and applied for NEET 2 to improve their scores. These are the one who will be better prepared for the exam since they already did their preparation for AIPMT.

Some tips for the students who are giving NEET again :

  1. Focus on revision in the last month. Your notes will be your saviour.
  2. For those who have not prepared their own notes (not a good practice) during AIPMT preparation can revise from NCERT books (Biology must, Chemistry preferable).
  3. Take out your AIPMT (NEET 1) paper and see where you have scored well and where you missed out, which type of questions you were not able to solve? Work on the weaker areas (which are scoring topics). Understand the specific topics and practice similar problems.
  4. Take help from teachers and mentors to clear your doubts that are still looming in your head. The doubt removal sessions in a good NEET crash course can be helpful for you.
  5. Don’t take too much additional pressure. Be calm and composed in this last month. You will surely get better score than the previous attempt.

The second category of students are those who have only prepared for their respective State CET. Like a student may have prepared for either UPCMET, COMEDK or medical entrance exam of any other state that have decided to take admissions through NEET now.

I am expecting that these students are preparing hard from last one month and will give their best in days remaining to NEET 2 exam.

Some tips for the students who have not prepared for AIPMT but need to give NEET 2 now :

  1. Download past year papers of AIPMT and see how the questions were asked, they may look tougher than your State CET, but no need to panic. You may be already aware of the concepts, and now need to focus on practicing the problems (like conceptual/numerical questions in Physics).
  2. For Biology and Chemistry, Read from NCERT books.
  3. Join a crash course (if possible), where you will learn about the important NEET topics and you can ask your doubts related to the new topics that you have not studied while preparing for CET.
  4. The NEET 2 paper duration can be different from your State CET, so you have to focus on the speed of solving problems and at the same time on accuracy because of negative marking.
  5. In last couple of weeks before the exam, focus on revision, and don’t take too much stress.

The pattern and syllabus of NEET Phase 2 exam will be the same like AIPMT (Which was slightly modified in 2013 when NEET was introduced for the first time).


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