Preparation Tips Strategy and Key Points for Students Targeting NEET 2018

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neet 2018 preparation tips

Last Updated : May 18, 2017

How to Prepare for NEET 2018?

Preparation Strategy for NEET 2018

The prime requirement to clear NEET 2018 entrance test is to study as per the syllabus. Work hard with consistency. The key is to follow recommended books (NCERT) or NEET study material of a coaching.

See the trend of NEET past year papers. While solving questions, apply the tricks (mostly taught by your coaching teachers). Practice a lot and learn from your mistakes.

Don’t neglect any topic because you find it hard to understand. Get your doubts cleared from your teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up.

To get good result in NEET examination, one of the major factor is not to panic during the preparation and on the exam day.

Subject Wise Tips for NEET 2018

How to Study Physics for NEET 2018

Along with a good book for physics like HC Verma , it’s recommended to follow a coaching material as it is specifically designed for entrance exam preparation.

Practice conceptual problems. Take up problems that relate theoretical physics to daily life. Your analytical skills will be tested in solving the questions.

How to Study Chemistry and Biology for NEET 2018

For Chemistry :  Read from NCERT and have your concepts clarified at your coaching institute. Make precise notes for each chapter.

For Biology : Read from NCERT book (recommended book for NEET) or a coaching study material.

How to Revise for NEET 2018

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Revising Physics will be really easy. If you have clear concepts, the concepts will be ingrained into your intuition. You’ll only need to have a look at all the formulae and a few good examples to re-assimilate how to apply the formulae.

Revising chemistry requires time and patience. Your notes will be very helpful.

Ask your teachers at coaching to resolve your doubts. Make a ‘doubt copy’. Collect all doubts in it along with their solutions. You can use this to revise before NEET.

NCERT books, practice tests, doubt removals, revising topics, solving questions every day, maintaining speed and accuracy, and regular with your coaching classes throughout the next 1 year are some of the key things which you need to follow to crack NEET 2018.

Best Reference Books for NEET 2018 Preparation

Same as AIPMT Books.

How to Cover NEET 2018 Syllabus in 1 year?

Like 2017, there will be no MH-CET, WBJEE-Medical, KEAM or any other state medical entrance exam in 2018. Only single medical entrance exam i.e. NEET will be conducted.

Covering full NEET syllabus (which is largely based on class 11 and 12 CBSE syllabus) is difficult but very much achievable in one year. Students should join a good coaching program for 1 year NEET preparation. The teachers then take care of everything, will give you personal attention, and NEET will not look like a big mountain to climb.

For State Board Students

Many State Boards syllabus has been already revamped (or in the process) to the one recommended by CBSE for NEET entrance exam. The concepts are same, it’s just about the right approach and practicing enough problems of AIPMT/NEET level.

Any new changes, if made, in NEET 2018 syllabus and exam pattern will be updated here : NEET 2018 Details

Join Coaching for NEET 2018, It will help.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a reputed coaching centre, a good coaching institute in your locality, or NEET coaching in online mode, coaching will help you in clearing NEET. Your teachers will not just solve your doubts and problems but will act as guides and mentors throughout your preparation.

Jagat Ram Kukkar, a MBBS student, rightly said this,

Teachers in coaching institutes will help you a lot. They will tell you the ways to remember things. They will tell you to solve paper faster, solve physics problems faster. You can’t do that by seeing any youtube videos or self study.

As a medical aspirant targeting (or re-targeting) NEET 2018, don’t wait more. Start your NEET preparation journey now!


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Subject wise tips credit : Sittun Swayam


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