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Mystudycart is a content rich site. Our objective is to make Mystudycart a home for all your examinations preparation.

Good books and great content have a lot in common. They're both fresh, fun to share, and leave your students smiling.

A good quality content solves a lot of problems. The type of content you are going to see on Mystudycart :

  • Original* and not copied from anywhere.
  • Answer your every question and query from basic to advanced level.
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  • In-depth articles with real examples and data.

There is a lot of content on the internet. Many educational and e-learning websites are copying already existing content from other websites. We believe in providing something original which you'll not get anywhere else, neither online nor offline.

The type of content you will see on Mystudycart includes information of the examination you are preparing for, application forms, important dates, syllabus, past year papers, best books and top colleges. There is online study material and blog articles that will help you in your preparation and gaining additional knowledge.

Examinations details are taken from official sites with proper attribution.

Some of the well appreciated blog articles:

Benefits of Participating in Olympiads and Competitions

IIT JEE Online Classes and Benefits

How to handle School and IIT preparation at the same time?

Important Factors in JEE Preparation

5 Biggest Myths about IIT JEE Preparation

* Authors with useful and motivating content may publish their post on our blog.

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