How Should State Board Students Prepare for NEET?

By | Posted on October 30th, 2023

NEET preparation for state board students

Many state board students give the NEET exam every year, whether they are from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra or other state boards in India. In this post, we will see some tips for state board students to prepare for NEET effectively. But first, let’s answer this question.

Can state board students do well in NEET?

It’s a myth that state board students can’t do well in NEET. All state board students can crack NEET. All state boards are good for NEET. NEET-UG is a national level exam. No matter what board you are from, NEET is set in such a manner that nobody faces any difficulties.

How Should State Board Students Prepare for NEET?

Tips for state board students to prepare for NEET :

1. Prefer NCERT textbooks over State Board textbooks

If your state board follows the NCERT curriculum for classes 11 and 12, then it’s perfect, otherwise buy NCERT textbooks of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and start reading them to crack NEET.

2. Believe in yourself and do the hard work

Don’t think that if you are studying in a state board, then you are less deserving than CBSE or ICSE board. NEET only wants hard work and consistent effort from your side. It doesn’t care what board you are in.

3. Follow NEET study material to complete the syllabus

NEET study material is the resource which a student (from any board) can avail to prepare for NEET as per the defined syllabus. Your school books will not matter much if you are studying from NEET coaching modules.

4. Have a clear understanding of the basic concepts

The basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the same in all boards whether it’s CBSE, state or international boards. Read theory properly and practice questions regularly for clearing the NEET exam.

5. Give priority to PCB over other subjects

Except for the last 1-2 months before your state board exams, you should focus more on PCB over other subjects. Solve sample papers of your boards before the exams.

6. Join a separate NEET coaching, online or offline

Clearing NEET will be much easier if you study under the guidance of teachers. If you join coaching, your NEET preparation will go separately from the school curriculum. With coaching, you will know how to study for NEET, clear doubts on time and give mock tests.

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NEET Syllabus for State Board Students

NMC (formerly MCI) released a common NEET syllabus for all boards across the country after review of various state boards syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE.

Are state board students disadvantaged in NEET?

No, there is no such disadvantage in NEET if you are a state board student. Many of the state boards already follow CBSE NCERT textbooks for class 11 and 12, which is the key to perform well in NEET.

Can state board students crack NEET?

Yes, state board students can crack NEET and that too with good rank. Here are some of the state board students who cracked NEET : Bibhuchhanda Tripathy (Odisha Board), Kashish Shah (Gujarat Board), Dibyaraj Dutta (Assam Board).

How can I prepare for state boards and NEET simultaneously?

You can prepare for state boards and NEET at the same time by making a well planned timetable, reading from NCERT books, understanding concepts, practicing all types of questions, making notes and proper revision.

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