How to Handle School and IIT JEE Preparation at the Same Time?

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School and IIT JEE Combined Preparation.

A question asked by many JEE aspirants – How to handle combined preparation of school exams and IIT JEE?

Let’s look at the process for each class/grade students.

When student is in class 10th or below

Up to 10th standard, you don’t need to focus too much other than your school syllabus. The key thing is – Make sure you study to understand the concepts, not just for getting marks. It’s a practice that every JEE aspirant should adopt from very young age.

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You can prepare for different Olympiads and exams like NTSE to develop competitive skills that will help you in JEE Preparation.

For class 8-10,  a foundation course for IIT JEE can be handy for students, where objective is to create strong foundation for IIT JEE along with the school exams preparation.

IIT JEE Preparation for Class 11th Students

From class 11th onward, it’s like a two way preparation. On one hand you will be studying as per your school curriculum, and at the same time you have to put ten times more effort for JEE preparation.

There have been tendency of students to take class 11th lightly. You should never make this mistake. Save these words, “Class 11th is very important for success in IIT JEE”. Focus on every chapter and understand the concepts because in 12th class you will find use of most of the topics of 11th class.

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Combined Preparation of School Board and IIT JEE for Class 11th & 12th Students

If you are not taking any coaching for IIT JEE

First advice is to utilize your school hours in the best possible way. Understand everything that is taught in the class. In-case you missed out on anything, try to clear that after reaching home. Solve problems that are left by your teacher in the class. Go through the examples in NCERT (school) textbook. They are very valuable for the preparation of school exams and JEE.

It will be best if you finish these things as early as possible. Take small break and after that you have to study exclusively for JEE. You can refer to recommended books for JEE to understand theory and practice problems.

If you have joined a coaching institute for IIT JEE,

  • Don’t miss out on any class and give your full attention in the class.
  • Make notes which are easy to read for you.
  • Solve regular questions on the topics taught in the class.
  • Solve questions that are within the syllabus. Don’t go deep into the topic as if you are doing research. The objective is to clear the IIT JEE examination, you can do the research part later when you get admitted to IIT!

If you are not understanding anything, take help from your teacher, coaching class, friends, or anyone, but make sure you understand the concept properly before starting to solve the problems. Once everything is clear, try to solve as many questions as possible.

Take a short break after 45–50 minutes of continuous study. Close your eyes for few minutes, have water, etc. Make sure you have 7–8 hours peaceful sleep. Before sleep, do a quick revision of the things you have learned through out the day.

In the later stage of your preparation you can go for solving practice tests (AITS) for IIT JEE.

If you put your best effort, stay focused and avoid distractions, you can do well in both IIT JEE and School Board exams.

Good luck and all the best!

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