How to Prepare Physics for NEET in Remaining Time? NEET Physics Preparation Tips

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Tips to prepare Physics for NEET.

This is a guest post from Anuja Saini (MBBS student at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore). 

Physics preparation for NEET always depends on how much you are scoring in your mock tests. Physics needs conceptual strength rather than simply mugging up strategy. Examiners usually twist a simple question and try to confuse you, so try not to learn any question, it’s better you clarify each step of the solution and go through your notes again to see all the cases and conditions of that particular question.

How to Prepare Physics for NEET in Remaining Time?

Here are the best tips to prepare for NEET Physics in remaining time :

  • Practice all the questions given in your notes and modules .
  • Solve every question on a paper step wise to avoid any negative marking in the NEET exam.
  • Besides solving MCQs, going through the theory is equally important in Physics. I am not talking about NCERT, I am talking about the notes you take in your classes.
  • Always read the theory –> solve all the questions solved by your teacher in class –> then solve MCQs from class modules –> then solve any other book for NEET Physics (if required, this depends on person to person). Directly solving MCQs will not clear all your concepts.
  • If you are an average scoring student in Physics, solve only class notes+ modules+ question papers diligently, no need to jump on any other material without strengthening them.
  • Try to clarify all the doubts by yourself and then approach a teacher but make it a habit to clear them on time till half the month of March. After that don’t run behind solving a difficult question and waste your time simply try to see the solution and solve it once or twice if you can’t do it mark it to be cleared by your teacher.
  • Revise the Physics formula sheet with the case and conditions applied multiple time.
  • Solve all the questions of the mock tests, minors and majors after giving the exam. Never leave them undone.
  • Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) while solving Physics.
  • Strictly avoid calculation mistakes.
  • Make it a habit to solve at-least one Physics paper everyday within 50 minutes or whatever you think is good for you because managing your time in Physics in the NEET exam is really difficult sometimes.
  • One thing I always say, “never lose temperament in exam”.

All the things written are based on what I felt during the NEET preparation. You may bend and add what you feel is good for you.

All the best!

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