How to Make Notes from Textbooks for JEE Main?

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Tips to make notes from textbook for JEE Main.

Making notes is one of the best asset in JEE Main preparation. It’s easy and convenient to revise handmade notes in your own style and format, rather than revising from thick books and coaching modules.

How to Make Notes from Textbooks for JEE Main?

Here is the right process to make notes from textbook for JEE Main.

1. Read a section of your textbook chapter.

Read just enough to keep an understanding of the topic. Do not make notes at this point, but rather focus on understanding the topic or concept. Taking notes when you’re reading the first time is not an efficient technique. You are likely to write too much information and simply copy without understanding the topic.

2. Review the topic.

Locate the main points and sub-points. Set the book aside. Paraphrase this information. Writing the textbook points in your own words forces you to become actively involved with the topic.

3. Write the paraphrased ideas as your notes.

Do not copy information directly from the textbook. Add only enough detail to understand the topic. Review and compare your notes with the textbook and ask yourself if you truly understand the topic and concept.

General tips while making class notes for JEE Main

  • Take quick short notes in your class lectures. Write down most new words, definitions, terms, and phrases. Copy down diagrams, charts, and tables that summarize information.
  • Review your notes soon after the class. Edit notes if required.
  • Review notes briefly before the next class. Clarify doubts if arises.
  • Revise daily from notes. Schedule some time at the end of the week for a longer revision.
  • Organize your notes well for better reading.

“In your short notes for JEE, you can include formulas, different types of tricks or some good questions and also the mistakes that you had committed so as to avoid them in future.” – Vishwas Lathi (AIR 126 – JEE Advanced 2016).

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