Which type of students are clearing IIT JEE – Well Prepared or Most Talented?

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Students who are clearing IIT JEE.

Vinod was a very talented student. He prepared for IIT JEE on his own, through self study, and he was very confident that he is going to crack the JEE exam easily.

On the other hand, Ajay was an average student and he scored good marks in school examinations. He joined coaching in 10th standard for the preparation of IIT JEE.

Ajay cracked the IIT JEE exam in his first attempt while Vinod failed twice to clear the IIT JEE exam.

Vinod can beat Ajay any day in an intelligence test. But he lost to Ajay in getting admission into the most prestigious institute in the country. Why? Vinod was intelligent but Ajay was more prepared.

It’s the well prepared students that are clearing IIT JEE, not most talented.

Obviously the above statement is partially true and there are always some exceptions. But the trend of cracking IIT JEE is going in the direction of well preparation with proper strategy instead of just depending on sheer talent.

Talented Vs Well Prepared Students

Some students are inherently talented. The brains of such students may be much better than the rest of the students in understanding the logic. A talented student can have better analytical skills than an average student.

Who are the well prepared students?

Being intelligent is one thing and knowing what you need to achieve something is different. The difference is how you do it. Well prepared students know the right strategy to follow in solving problems, shortcut methods to implement, time to allocate to each section and questions.

What IIT Insiders are Saying

According to the top IIT professors, the majority of students who are clearing IIT JEE are not most talented but well prepared. Those who are nurtured by coaching institutes to succeed on only one mission i.e. to clear the JEE exam.

Similar to what we call “Arjun ko sirf chidiya ki aankh dikhai deti ha”, In English, “Arjun can see only an eye of the bird”, the same thing has been pushed into the minds of students by coaching institutes and their teachers.

Final Words

It’s a great thing to have talent but sometimes to achieve results you need a well prepared strategy and guidance.

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