What if I Don’t Want to Continue Studying for NEET?

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Note : This is an old post from year 2015 when All India Medical Entrance Test i.e. AIPMT was cancelled and re-conducted after a month. The tips given here will help you if by any means you don’t want to continue studying for NEET. Also useful for NEET droppers who didn’t crack the exam and are now not motivated to study again.

I saw a question asked by a student, a medical aspirant.

I appeared for AIPMT 15 and got good marks for selection. But as news comes today it was cancelled, breaking my heart and hope. I don’t want to study again the same way I was doing for the last 2 years. Suggest me what to do? If not MBBS then what would be better for me?

Sorry I don’t know much about medicos career but as concerned to competitive examinations, I know how it feels if a shit happens like this 🙁 🙁 .

I don't want to study again.

One thing to keep in mind. Just think, “why to get frustrated for just 4 weeks when you really worked hard for 2 long years”.

Train your mind as something which happened is for you and it happened for a cause.

Everything happens for a reason.

Don’t think like I am giving suggestions in the most traditional way just as your dad or someone else gives.

Just think you are 2 years fast forwarded from now and talking to your junior, how your plight just turned to a rosy situation (might be even worse than now), that whole thing you yourself can mould it.

You have 2 options left with you.


But I don't want to study.


Get excited for the exam.

One thing I want to mention, my Math teacher used to say, “ENJOYMENT IS CONSTANT”.

So feel like you are going to have a re-match with your enemy, so be ready to blast even harder although it appears more bigger than before.

Try more harder.

You have no option as of for now.

You should be studying.

Please don’t wish to skim over everything again for the exam which you would have done for the first time, go through what are all the mistakes you have done over 2 years and start again making up your mind slowly, as of now you have 4 long weeks so relax and just think of how AIR-1 would have crying.

Don’t panic and realize that “You have what you have”, and nothing gonna be induced in this short time, so build up your confidence and remove the thought “If not MBBS” from your mind.


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