How to Attempt JEE Advanced? Strategy for Solving the JEE Advanced Paper

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Strategy for solving JEE Advanced paper.

A student asked me this question – “How to attempt JEE Advanced? What is a good strategy for solving the JEE Advanced paper?”

The JEE Advanced examination has two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) of three hour duration each. Each question paper will consist of 3 separate sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

In this post, I will share with you my strategy, how I attempt the JEE Advanced. By following the below steps, I was able to solve the JEE Advanced paper without much difficulty and achieved AIR 834 Rank in JEE Advanced 2015.

How to Attempt JEE Advanced Paper?

Best tips and tricks to attempt JEE Advanced paper :

  1. Have proper sleep one night before the exam. This is very much important to concentrate properly in all the 6 hours of the paper.
  2. Do not attempt the paper in 1 round. Do the paper in 2-3 rounds and mark the questions you left or which need a review in each round. Around 80% of the questions are of easy to moderate level so it is important to first score in those questions.
  3. Forget that you are attempting the original JEE paper. Don’ think of what will be the result.
  4. Attempt that subject first in which you are more confident.
  5. Leave the multiple answer correct question for the second round. They are actually 4 questions in 1 question.
  6. Read the instructions very very carefully. You will have enough time to read all the instructions. Do not miss any instruction
  7. Mark the values and important data given in the question while reading it for the first time. It will help while you’ll be solving the question.
  8. Manage your rough work properly. It should not be that you are solving half of the question at some place and the other half at some other place.
  9. Write properly while solving the questions. I am not saying to write very neatly and systematically. But sometimes in a hurry what happens is that 4 become 9 etc. So be careful.
  10. Attempt your practice test paper also as if you are attempting the JEE paper.

JEE Advanced exam tests the student’s knowledge, calmness, decision making ability and answering questions by rejection of options.

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