Scared of NEET? How to Stay Confident to Face the NEET Exam

By | Last updated on December 24th, 2020

Scared of NEET.

It is your time to shine now. Your preparation, no matter at what stage at the moment, is the result of your 2–3 years of hard work. Feel proud about it. I am sure you have sacrificed a lot for NEET exam but now you’ll need to make the biggest sacrifice. Sacrifice your fear of NEET.

At this crucial point, fear can absolutely ruin your NEET results. Be confident about your hard work and believe in yourself. If you have worked hard for it, you’ll get it.

Also be aware that this will not be the end of hard work, rather it’ll be the starting. Soon you’ll be a medico, sitting in dissection halls and pricking your own fingers during physiology practicals. You’ll have to mug up so much of information and you’ll have to give so many vivas (I am going though my sent ups right now so you get this reality check :P). It will be tough but you are the one choosing it. So for those who are still just going with the flow, make your decision now.

Be confident and be smart. Save time in the exam. Try not to make silly errors. Relax and do tell me how the exam was.

Good luck to all of you!

Priya Bansal
NEET 2018 AIR-4005

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