How to Revise Class 11 Topics for JEE Main? Best Way of Revision in JEE

By | Last updated on September 11th, 2019

Tips to revise class 11 topics for JEE Main.

Are you worried about your class 11th revision for JEE Main? My friend, it’s not too late. You can revise all the topics of your class 11 even now. Revising the entire class 11th now itself is a very cautious and smart idea to work on during your JEE Main Preparation.

I really appreciate your awareness that you are concern about it. According to me, the best way of revision in JEE is practicing questions. You get to know your strengths and weaknesses through this.

How to Revise Class 11 Topics for JEE Main?

Here are the tips to revise class 11 topics for JEE Main.

  1. Practice Past JEE Questions – Yes for the topics of Class 11, don’t wait for the end moment. Solving JEE previous years JEE Main questions will give you an exact idea of the topics that you are facing difficulty with, then you can work hard on those specific topics and improve. Doing this regularly also benefits to keep a check on the fact that has you forgotten a particular concept, method or property.
  2. Make Notes for Inorganic Chemistry – You will have sufficient time to make notes. Do it, it will seem to be hectic and boring at first, but trust me near your JEE Main exam, it’s these notes that will save you from going through the entire book for Inorganic Chemistry.
  3. Take out some time Daily – During your preparation, take out some time and devote it to the revision of Class 11 topics on a daily basis, yes daily. I can’t explain to you the benefit of it now, but you will yourself feel the benefit if you follow it with discipline.
  4. Do get some Recreation – This is also a part of the healthy JEE revision, your mind needs to get recharged for performing at its peak. So, never let your mind get saturated by over-straining it. Keep it fresh, in order to think and tackle questions in a smart way rather than it typical trivial theoretical way.

Never ever get demotivated or depressed during JEE preparation. There will be times when things will be so harsh that you will feel like giving up, survive this phase and a very bright future will be waiting ahead for you.

All the Best!

Abhijeet Mahato

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