How to Study Class 12 Math If Preparing for NEET?

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Studying Math During NEET Preparation.

Question asked by a NEET aspirant – “What are some helpful tips for studying class 12 Maths as I have it as my additional subject (my main focus is the NEET exam)?”

Benefits of Taking Maths for NEET

It’s good to see that you have retained Math as a subject because it can not only fetch you huge marks with sincere practice, but is extremely helpful in NEET Physics as well (mainly Calculus and Vectors).

How to Study Class 12 Math If Preparing for NEET?

You may follow the below preparation tips to study Math as a NEET aspirant :

  • NCERT/ Class Textbook: Practice each and every sum of your textbook at least twice. At the beginning of the session, try to attempt every sum and mark all those questions (either the ones which were really difficult or the ones you found difficult) which you would like to practice again. At the end of the session, simply scan through the book and even practicing only those selected sums will give you a high level of confidence. Pro-Tip: More questions can be expected from the Solved examples and Miscellaneous.
  • R.D. Sharma: You may use this book for solving problems of specific chapters like Integration, Vectors and 3D Geometry, which I found a little insufficient in NCERT in terms of the varied types of problems. For e.g. the different forms of integrals and their method of solving is better explained in Sharma Ji’s Book. Solving R.D. Sharma is never a compulsion but it surely boosts your confidence.
  • Previous Year’s Question Papers: It is very important to keep these printed and ready from the beginning of the session, so that you don’t face a time crisis for solving them at the end of the year. 10 years’ would be amazing, but 5–7 years’ is sufficient. You would find good use of copy-paste of NCERT (School Textbook) questions in the papers, except for 1–2 questions which are meant to distinguish the 100 scorers from the 95–99 scorers.
  • Don’t ignore chapters like Linear Programming (LPP): It’s easy but can be confusing at times. (gosh! that sudden acute stomach pain outside the exam hall when your friend has got a tiny 80 as his answer and you were feeling proud of yourself until now for having bagged a massive 350). Plus this is the question of your paper which will take up the most amount of time and presentation, so practice solving it fast.

Lastly, gradually improve on speed so that you have time left for revision on the exam day.

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Sushmita De
NEET Aspirant (Scored 95 in Class 12 Math)

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