How to Score 250+ Marks in JEE Main 2025? Tips From an IITian

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Score 250+ in JEE Mains.

JEE Main exam is of total 300 marks. There are no specific methods that guarantee that you will surely score 250+ marks in JEE Main, however, there are some areas which if someone focuses on then he/ she can score 250 plus marks in JEE Mains considerably.

This is a guest post from Abhay Singh (IIT-Guwahati).

How to Score 250+ Marks in JEE Main 2025?

Preparation tips to score 250+ marks in JEE Mains in remaining months :

  1. Read the entire theory part of any chapter/ topic before attempting the questions. What happens is that many students jump to the problem solving portion without going through the concepts behind those problems in advance. Sometimes it will work for you but the other times you will find yourself in frustrating situations so better learn before implementing.
  2. The problem solving part shouldn’t be neglected no matter the difficulty of the chapter. The questions should be attempted in a pecking order. First of all attempt the Exercises given in the coaching booklet/books, DPPs and after one has gone through this material then only he should solve previous year questions.
  3. Cover each and every topic in all the chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. “Leave no stone unturned”. Nearly every year the exam setters surprise the aspirants by giving questions from such topics which are neglected by most of the candidates or were completely ignored in past year papers and the percentage of questions from a topic also changes drastically. So to avoid such situations one should be thoroughly prepared beforehand.
  4. Learn each and every detail given in the NCERT. Many questions in the recent years especially in Chemistry have been memory based. If a student wants exceptional marks in Chemistry then for him each and every word of NCERT is like gold. For proof one can see for themselves the previous year papers of JEE Main and better take this point seriously.
  5. Study Inorganic Chemistry daily and memorize it as frequently as you can. Inorganic Chemistry is essential and no one can master it in a span of 10 days.
  6. Some topics which demand a lot of attention in Chemistry are coordination compounds, chemical bonding, s,p,d blocks, solutions and colligative properties, chemical equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics. In Organic, all named reactions, interconversion reactions and isomerism (structural and stereoisomerism) are very important.
  7. Mathematics is not of difficult level and very basic concepts are involved in most of the problems. The problem here is that the questions are sometimes lengthy and the options are also close enough, so special attention should be laid on calculations and time management.
  8. The important chapters in JEE Main which constitute the bulk of questions in Maths are Coordinate geometry, Vectors and 3D, definite integration and matrices & determinants. Solve and practice as many questions from these topics.
  9. Physics is also manageable and stress should be laid on understanding the concepts and their application in problems rather than learning the procedure to solve specific problems.
  10. Some important Physics topics are modern & nuclear physics, mechanics, SHM, Waves and thermodynamics.
  11. Stop worrying about future rank, marks, college and instead focus on what you can do to manage your studies so that the outcome will be a better and satisfying one.
  12. Solve as many practice tests and analyse the previous tests properly before attempting a new one. Be time bound while giving mocks.
  13. The main mantra is to study productively and efficiently for long hours without losing concentration and practicing until one becomes expert in problem solving and the more you practice the better your speed gets.
  14. Further, don’t rely on the fact that you are having an additional opportunity to take JEE Main as well but give the first attempt paper your best shot as you never know what the future has in store for you.
  15. Seeing the current trend of marks vs percentile in JEE Main, no score is a safe score anymore. A lot depends on your slot and the other test takers in your slot and the relative performance will determine your fate so try to improve your score by giving mocks, practicing rigorously and don’t leave anything for the sake of luck. Try to aim higher and trust your preparation during the D-day.
  16. While giving mocks you will notice why you are scoring low (if you are scoring low). It could be due to a lot of wrong questions, speed factor, lack of knowledge about questions and under preparation. Whatever the reason may be, try to focus on your weak topics and areas and work hard to improve on those areas. With continued efforts in the right direction and patience your JEE Main score will automatically increase.

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