How to Revise Class 11 Syllabus in Class 12 for NEET?

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Class 11 revision for NEET

Class 11th syllabus holds a good weightage in NEET. So it is very important to keep revising and polishing the class 11 concepts again and again in class 12. The post is with respect to pre- medical subjects (NEET-UG).

How to Revise Class 11 Syllabus in Class 12 for NEET?

Tips to revise class 11 syllabus in class 12 for NEET :

  1. Take a note of all the chapters.
  2. All those chapters which have similar basics are to be clubbed together. For e.g. the entire Organic Chemistry is to be read together, Gravitation is to be read with Electrostatics, Biological classification with Microbes in Human Welfare etc.
  3. Ensure that you do not miss out on the current syllabus due to previous revision.
  4. Dedicate one hour everyday for chapters with no link to 12th syllabus. Do as much as you can and then move on to some other thing.
  5. Make short notes for easy revision, if not made yet.
  6. Go for summary-diagrams-summary approach in-case some chapters are left or you are not able to read them. This will cover most of the content superficially.

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