JEE Main Paper Solving Strategy – Tips to Solve JEE Paper

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JEE Main Paper Solving Strategy.

Every year, after the JEE exam, many students come up with problems like they have messed up in the paper. It’s not that their preparation was not up to the mark or they didn’t practice mock tests, they were not able to apply a strategy in solving the paper. In the end there was this situation where many questions were not attempted due to lack of time.

It’s very important that you follow an exam strategy while solving JEE Main paper. Just knowing all topics and problem solving ability will not be enough, you need to know the best practices of solving the paper. This post is a guide for future JEE aspirants to not repeat the same mistakes while solving the JEE Main paper.

JEE Main Paper Solving Strategy

The ideal strategy to solve the JEE Main paper.

  1. Stay calm before the paper.
  2. Read the instructions carefully.
  3. Solve the paper like a practice test.
  4. Attempt the easier section and questions first.
  5. Don’t forget about time management.
  6. Decide quickly whether you can answer the question or not.
  7. Be careful about your rough work.
  8. Don’t panic and stay positive.

1. Stay calm before the paper

You need to stay relaxed before the paper. If feeling nervous, close your eyes and do meditation for a couple of minutes. Remember it’s a matter of 3 hours only. Never get worried about the questions and results. Whatever your preparation level is, give your best effort.

2. Read the instructions carefully

This is basically for those students who have not practiced JEE Main online mock tests. You should know how to select, review, submit the answers, how to see the full question paper, timer option, etc.

3. Solve the paper like a practice test

Many students say that the exam hall has a different air. It has the ability to cause anxiety to the best of the students. One way to avoid this situation is considering the paper as a mock test and not a real exam. Solve the paper without any exam pressure.

4. Attempt the easier section and questions first

Do you have a preferred section to start the paper? When the exam begins, have a quick look at the question paper (scan not read) in case you require to switch. You don’t have to read the questions in detail while scanning the paper. See if you find any section easier than your preferred one. It’s better to attempt the easy section first.

Similarly, solve easier questions first of each section. Remember both hard and easy questions carry the same marks. Doing the hard section and questions first will waste your time and make you lose confidence.

5. Don’t forget about time management

This is the most important point. If you have practiced mock tests before the exam, you should be aware that you need to manage time well in the exam. Don’t spend the majority of time on solving questions of one section only. Have a specific time defined for each section. If you finish solving the questions in that defined time, you are doing great, otherwise start the next section when allocated time is over.

6. Decide quickly whether you can answer the question or not

Read the question carefully to understand what is being asked and what is given to you. See the options clearly and then only start solving the question. Skip the question fast if you have no clue about how to solve it. Do not let that question eat up your time.

7. Be careful about your rough work

Manage your rough work properly. Don’t make silly mistakes while copying the values and important data.

8. Don’t panic and stay positive

Don’t get unnecessary thoughts in your mind before and during the exam. You need to remain positive in tough situations like when you are not remembering properly in the exam.

Have a good 7-8 hours of sleep, a day before the JEE Main exam, so that you will be able to stay active and concentrate better while solving the paper.


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