How Do I Do Long-Term Memorization for the NEET?

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Long term memorization for NEET.

We know there is a lot of syllabus to be covered for NEET. At times it’s difficult to memorize everything. In this post we will cover some points which might be useful for you to retain things better and for long term in NEET preparation.

How Do I Do Long-Term Memorization for the NEET?

Tips that will help you in long- term memorization for the NEET exam.

  1. Whatever you read, try to revise it within the same or next week.
  2. For completely factual data, maintain a notebook – use different color pens and keep on revising it.
  3. Make sticky notes, paint your walls with them and have a look at them once in a while.
  4. Try doing a lot of questions on the same topic, it will add data to your subconscious memory.
  5. Make flowcharts wherever possible.
  6. Write down all the formulas in a separate notebook, segregate them according to chapters. It’s easy to revise when everything is sorted topic-wise.
  7. Highlight the main points during your first or second reading and then only revise the highlighted data.
  8. Share some of the factual or conceptual knowledge with your friends, family member or a colleague preparing for NEET. Discuss some facts with them once in a while which you tend to forget.

This is a guest post from Aditi Sahejpal (Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore).

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