How to Prepare for KVPY SX 2018 in Class 12

By | April 24, 2018

kvpy sx 2018 preparation class 12

The KVPY exam tests the aptitude and analytical ability of the student. It checks your application oriented knowledge and conceptual questions will be asked in the KVPY online examination.

The prerequisites for a good score in KVPY SX exam is clarity of concepts. For KVPY, knowing how to solve a problem isn’t enough. It’s important to know why you solve the problem that way.

This course will cover all the topics of KVPY 2018 Aptitude Test (SX/SB) and the classes will be conducted in online mode using computer/laptop and internet connection : Online Course for KVPY SX 2018

KVPY 2018 SX Class 12 Preparation Tips

KVPY 2018 SX stream syllabus includes concepts of Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology till Class/Grade 12. KVPY SX aspirants need to finish class 11 and 12 syllabus before November 2018.

Since there is no unit and topic based prescribed syllabus, KVPY SX stream aspirants can study from NCERT books and IIT JEE (NEET for Biology) coaching material.

KVPY SX/SB exam has two parts. In Part-I, there will be 80 questions (20 each of PCMB), a student have to attempt only 3 subjects questions i.e. 60 questions. In Part-II, there will be 40 questions (10 each of PCMB), a student have to attempt only 2 subjects questions i.e. 20 questions.

Choose any three subjects you’re strong in. In that two should be extremely strong. Chemistry and Biology are scoring subjects.

Study Plan and Strategy for KVPY SX 2018 in Class 12

  • Just like JEE Advanced, you need to have strong concepts understanding to perform well in KVPY SX 2018. You need to practice the questions well.
  • Study all the concepts and topics thoroughly. Make notes of each and every topic. Practice conceptual questions from Physics. Make sure you remember class 11 concepts clearly.
  • For KVPY 2018 SX preparation, you can refer IIT JEE and NEET preparation books. You can also study from JEE/NEET study material of a coaching. NCERTs + Coaching material = good choice for KVPY preparation. [For Biology, NCERT is best].
  • KVPY exam have enough time to solve less number of questions. Maintain accuracy and avoid negative marking.
  • Make notes of important terms, formulae, reactions, mistakes while solving problems, etc. Include your own shortcuts and tricks. Keep revising what you learn during the preparation.
  • Solve KVPY SX previous year papers to practice type of questions you can expect in the KVPY SX 2018 examination. Check paper pattern and marking scheme to prepare well for the exam.
  • Practice online mock tests of KVPY SX stream. Find your weak links and silly mistakes and work on them. The goal is to improve with each test.
  • Don’t get nervous if you are not able to complete the syllabus till November. Try to join a dedicated KVPY course which focuses on completing KVPY syllabus before the examination.
  • Be positive and don’t panic. Yes, the exam is early but it’s the same for all KVPY aspirants. Make sure you understand concepts properly and practice KVPY level questions.

How to Manage Class 12 Board and KVPY SX Preparation?

One of the concern for KVPY SX aspirants is how they are going to manage KVPY preparation with board exams. Don’t worry. For KVPY SX preparation, you need to complete class 12 syllabus. So for school board exams, it’s just a matter of revision. Before your board exams, you can solve some sample papers to practice descriptive questions.

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