Will JEE 2022 Going to be Tough or Easier than 2021?

By | Last updated on July 9th, 2021

Will JEE 2022 be tough?

Will JEE 2022 be tougher or easy than 2021 and previous years?

How to score smartly in a tough JEE paper? 

In this post, we will try to answer these couple of questions.

Will JEE 2022 Going to be Tough or Easier than 2021?

It’s a very common assumption among the JEE aspirants that JEE Main and JEE Advanced paper gets tougher with each passing year. Not always true! Even if it gets tougher every year, should this matter to JEE aspirants?

No, because JEE Ranks are always based on relative performance. You should never get scared of a tough JEE paper. It’s the same for all JEE aspirants. What matters is how you perform on the examination day. Those who keep their calm during the exam are the one who perform well.

Strategy for a Tough JEE Paper

There is no strategy for a “Tough” JEE paper. Don’t panic if you are not able to solve some questions as everything is relative. If paper is tough, it is tough for everyone and vice versa and due to this the cutoffs fluctuate. All that matters is relative performance.

Is JEE Advanced a very difficult exam to clear?

According to Soham Zemse from IIEST Shibpur,

JEE Advanced is an exam which doesn’t only check concepts of a student, but also accuracy and speed as well as handling pressure.

If you understand the concepts well from the syllabus and practice enough questions of JEE level, you can clear JEE Advanced. In JEE Main, especially in Chemistry, the percentage of questions from NCERT have increased in the last few years.

Toughness of the paper is determined by the level of your preparation.

JEE has a history of surprising candidates about the difficulty level, like, “Expect the unexpected”. Whatever the questions level will be, you should be mentally prepared from your side.

JEE 2022 can be tough or easier than 2021. As a JEE aspirant, it’s not good to worry about these things during the preparation.

Don’t assume/ predict the difficulty level of the JEE exam.

Focus on your preparation. That’s it.

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