Study Plan for JEE Droppers 2024 – Preparation Tips and Strategy

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Study plan for JEE dropper.

Taking a drop for JEE is a big decision. One of the advantages of being a JEE dropper is that you don’t have to worry about the school, board exams, etc. You can completely concentrate on JEE preparation in drop year.

In this post, we will see how a dropper should study for JEE, preparation strategy, number of hours to study, ideal timetable, and things to do differently in JEE drop year.

Study Plan for JEE Droppers 2024

Study tips and preparation strategy for JEE droppers :

  1. Make a study schedule to complete the JEE syllabus in the remaining time before the exam.
  2. A JEE dropper should study for minimum 8-10 hours everyday. Complete your daily or weekly targets.
  3. How was your time management during the exam, if you attempted JEE? Was it messed up? If yes, then practice a lot of mock tests to prepare a better exam strategy this time.
  4. Find out your weak topics and concepts. Work hard to make them your strong areas.
  5. Don’t commit your previous mistakes, instead learn from them.
  6. Know the right method for practicing JEE problems.
  7. Practice questions on a daily basis. Revise the topics frequently from your notes.
  8. Have a general idea about every topic in the syllabus. Don’t leave a topic just because you think it’s too hard.
  9. Ask all your doubts from the teachers (JEE online doubt clearing).
  10. Do not get affected by low scores in tests. There will be instances where you might not get your desired score even after working very hard.  Keep studying hard, identify where you are lacking, and work on it.
  11. Stay focused everyday. You must realize your dream and the reason for taking a drop.
  12. Never let negative people/ thoughts distract and demotivate you.

Timetable for JEE Droppers 2024

Droppers can make a full fledged timetable for JEE by adjusting their coaching time and study hours. To study for long hours, take a short break of 5-10 minutes after an hour of study. It will keep you energized and you will not feel exhausted.

Which coaching study material is best for JEE droppers?

Prepared by highly experienced teachers and a team of IIT experts, Mystudycart has the best study material for JEE droppers. Our study modules cover the complete JEE syllabus so that you don’t need to refer to multiple books for the preparation.

Class 12 improvement during JEE drop year

If you are going for class 12 improvement during JEE drop year, then practice subjective questions along with MCQs and keep an eye on completing the board syllabus. Solve your board sample papers before or during the exams.

Taking a partial drop for JEE?

If taking a partial drop for JEE, go through the study tips for JEE partial droppers.

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