Should Students Leave Social Media in Order to Crack JEE/ NEET?

By | Posted on March 20th, 2021

Leave social media JEE NEET

Do you like spending time on social networking sites like Instagram or Facebook? Are you addicted to Telegram or Snapchat? Does social media affect your exam preparation? If Yes, then it’s best to leave social media in order to crack JEE or NEET exam.

However, if you have the control and discipline, use social media for a limited time during study breaks, either for entertainment or motivational purposes, then you don’t need to quit social media.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites for JEE/ NEET Aspirants

  • Social networking sites are one of the biggest distractions in JEE/ NEET preparation. If used excessively, you will lose your interest and concentration in studies.
  • Social media is addictive. The notifications, comments, reactions, all these are the features that are designed to lure you to spend more time on these platforms.
  • For some people, social media is a mind catcher. You post something, a status or a photo, and your mind is still attached to that post. You check out comments, likes and shares on your post at a regular interval. Frequent notifications makes it worse.
  • Social media can also increase your sex hormones. At a platform like Instagram, the algorithm shows you things that sexually attract you. If you fall for that, it will result in huge time wastage. The studies, your goals, ambitions could take a backseat.

How can JEE/ NEET aspirants use social media for their advantage?

Here are some ways to use social media productively for JEE/ NEET :

  1. Students can interact with teachers to clear doubts, sharing assignments on a platform like WhatsApp.
  2. Students can join useful Facebook groups for asking questions, preparation and tips. (Avoid groups that publish a lot of posts which may be irrelevant for you).
  3. Students can follow an Instagram or Twitter page which provides study tips and exams latest news.
  4. Students can follow a Pinterest Board for JEE/ NEET motivation and inspirational stuff.


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