How to Crack IIT-JEE in Last 6-7 Months – JEE Advanced 2020 Strategy

By | Last updated on September 25th, 2019

Preparation strategy to crack IIT JEE in last 6-7 months.

One of the question asked by IIT aspirants when there are limited number of months left for exam is – “How to crack JEE Advanced in a given time frame?”

The question can vary like:

What should be the strategy for last 7 months to clear JEE Advanced?

How to crack JEE Advanced in 6 months?

What should I focus on in last 6-7 months before JEE exam?

The time frame for preparing for JEE totally depends upon someone’s own capabilities. Considering the time of 6-7 months, it is totally enough to crack JEE Advanced in that time given you are dedicated enough.

Preparation Strategy to Crack IIT-JEE in Last 6-7 Months

Things that you should keep in mind in last 6-7 months of JEE Advanced preparation:

1. Knowledge of concepts

Cracking JEE Advanced requires in depth knowledge of subjects. Just remembering the formulas won’t help. The basic requirement is that you should know, understand and feel what’s going on in the topic.

2. Practice

Apart from thorough understanding of the concepts, the thing it requires is rigorous practice. Since, even if you have the concepts it would require a lot of skills to apply it in the exam.

3. Accuracy

Observing the recent pattern of JEE Advanced, the thing that should must be taken care of is Accuracy. In JEE Advanced, accuracy matters much more than your speed. Since even a slight mistake can ruin other question’s marks.

4. Consistency

The last and the most important thing is that you MUST be consistent in these last few months. Never back down, keep yourself pushing forward, fight with the bad situation and NEVER lose hope even in the last minutes.

Stay motivated and Conquer JEE!

Amit Kumar Pathak

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