How to Overcome Anxiety/ Stress while Preparing for NEET?

By | Last updated on April 11th, 2020

Overcoming anxiety and stress for NEET.

Anxiety or stress is something which comes naturally. As you were aware of the circumstances about those nervousness issues and questions. “What If I don’t qualify NEET with a decent rank, what can be the consequences?” “Will my work give me my desired result or not?”

These questions only come to your mind only when you get nervous and the nervousness comes when you think or feel that there is something which might ruin your NEET result. This can be because you don’t have the required confidence, or you fear something that is illogical.

How to Overcome Anxiety/ Stress while Preparing for NEET?

Here are the tips to overcome the anxiety and stress in NEET preparation.

  • Find out why you are having that feeling of nervousness and uneasiness.
  • If you feel it’s because you are getting less marks in a particular subject or you are feeling it’s not done properly, then do what you need to make that weak subject your strength because “you only know what you can do to make yourself do better in that particular subject.”
  • If you feel it’s for any other personal and family issues then I will prefer you to stay away from those things, instead find a peaceful place where you can concentrate better.
  • Close your eyes for sometime, think about your goal of clearing NEET, think how important it is, think how much marks you need to get to your desired college, think about your weaknesses, your strengths, think about what you can do to live your dream.
  • At that moment your body, mind and soul will be full of energy that you even forget that you ever had any anxiety. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goal if you really have that hunger and passion to make your dreams come true.

Swati Mishra
NEET Aspirant

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