How to Crack NTSE Stage-II Examination? Tips and Strategy

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Crack NTSE Stage-2 exam.

A short post by Krishna Ar (NTSE Scholar) for class 10 students. 

How to Crack NTSE Stage-II Examination?

Tips and strategy to crack NTSE stage-II examination :

  1. Start with Social Science. It’s the most time consuming and most rewarding too.
  2. Do the NCERTs completely.
  3. Hone your math and science skills and aim higher. Higher in the sense, do a bit of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions or higher level theory from class 11/12 NCERT.
  4. Skim through the important points. No need for any detail.
  5. Practice a lot of MA (Mental Ability). It’s very important to cross the cutoff in this section. This is what tricks everyone. You can use any standard book from a good publisher for this purpose. Bank PO books are also good for the quantitative side of the MAT section.
  6. More than this, just have faith in yourself.
  7. Complete your syllabus fully; you have ample time.
  8. Just give it your best and you’re bound to crack NTSE stage-II exam.

Krishna Ar
NTSE Scholar 2015

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