How to Be Mentally Strong in Drop Year – For NEET/ JEE Droppers (Repeaters)

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Mental health in drop year.

This post is not about the preparation strategy regarding studies. It is more about something that we become oblivious of, or more precisely tend to ignore because of the hustle going in our mind to constantly focus on one thing. However, while we do that, we forgot about our mental health!

How to Be Mentally Strong in Drop Year?

I know this sounds a very minor issue for some while it may not be for others. Guess what? We are teenagers! we are bound to feel anxious, we are bound to feel depressed over the silliest stuff, we are bound to have breakdowns at times. All of it is bound to happen! especially at such a tender age when you have a sole dream in your mind and heart, and you are ready to go through all the obstacles to achieve it.

Trust me when I say this, a happy mind without any baggage will tend to focus more on studies than the one with loneliness and inferiority all around grasping you.

Don’t let the fact that you are a so-called repeater affect you much. Don’t let people around you fool you with the notion that “you should completely isolate yourself from the supposed distractions that your surrounding has to offer”.

Everyone is different, everyone should have their ways to deal with their insecurities. Just because some people can keep themselves content without much social interaction doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do the same.

If you have been a people’s person all your life then you can’t shut off all of it for a year. It’ll frustrate you. Hence, lessen it to a good amount but don’t go hard on yourself.

Yes, I agree sacrifices are indeed necessary to achieve something big. But not at the cost of you becoming an emotional and mental wreck. Moreover, it’ll only push you AWAY from your goal.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone BUT only to an extent where it doesn’t become a burden.

Reduce your social interactions and friend circle to a certain limit BUT don’t punish yourself. Chill out with your buddies sometimes. It’s completely okay to de-focus yourselves at times.

Keep making considerable improvements BUT hey! reward yourself too. Go watch some stand-up comedy.

Keep time constraints and use it judiciously BUT don’t refrain yourself from a walk in the evening. It is just a matter of an hour. Come on!

All I mean is, don’t blindly follow the conventional ways. Devise your ways and don’t try to become someone that you are not. Know yourself and exercise stuff that suits you. Be “consistent” with that, no matter what happens. Consistency is the key.

  • KEEP CALM even when that chapter of rotational mechanics seems never-ending. (I loved it though :p)
  • KEEP CALM even when that whole cramming of inorganic chemistry becomes volatile. (ugh god, I hated it!)
  • KEEP CALM even when your test series marks don’t reflect your hard work. It eventually will!
  • KEEP CALM even when those relatives throw off unnecessary taunts. (OR maybe don’t! and just give back a hard look which tells them to mind their own business! huh!)
  • And I could just go on but you get the drift. (hopefully)

Lastly, know that these competitive exams are not the end of the world. Don’t let it have a permanent impact on you once you are done with your exam. It reminds me of this excerpt from the Kota Factory which I watched recently. I feel it will some up my motive.

Teacher advice on mental health.

Don’t let the other thing happen ever! Stay positive, no matter what destiny has in store for you.

Sanjana Singh
MBBS Student


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