Which is Tougher, KVPY or IIT-JEE (Main and Advanced)?

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A very common question asked by JEE and KVPY aspirants – Which is more difficult, KVPY or IIT JEE?

The answer depends on which JEE (Main or Advanced) you’re talking about.

I personally have appeared in all the tests – JEE Main, JEE Advanced and KVPY. And from knowledge of the exam point of view, I think I am familiar to the pattern and the difficulty of the papers.

Is KVPY tougher than JEE Main?

Well, I would say KVPY is on a higher reach meaning a bit more difficult than JEE Main because –

  1. It is held in November, For SA we don’t complete our courses by November because Class XI session starts in June mainly (Some exceptions of course). So that is a factor. Moreover, that will be the first All-India Test for them. Also the competition is fierce.
  2. For SX, I would definitely say the paper is more difficult than JEE Main. The questions are a bit tricky. And now the exam is held online so that may be a little sort of problem for those who prepared by pen and paper.

Is KVPY tougher than JEE Advanced?

Now comparing to JEE Advanced, I’d say JEE Advanced is more difficult than KVPY in every aspect. Be it the length of the paper or the structure of questions or the application of concepts.

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About Me: I was selected for admission to IISc UG programme but decided to withdraw for my own reasons. I cleared JEE Advanced too. Now pursuing B.Tech in IITK.


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