How to Know if My IIT JEE Preparation is on the Right Track?

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The question asked by an IIT JEE aspirant – “How can one know that his/ her JEE preparation is on the right track?”

How to Know if My IIT JEE Preparation is on the Right Track?

Here are some ways to know if your JEE preparation is on the right track.

1. Increasing graph : Is your rank at your coaching getting better day by day?

The graph of improvement should always have a positive slope. There can be some small local minima though but overall you should get better with each passing day.

2. Decreasing graph : Are your doubts decreasing day by day and with every passing chapter?

Say, you had 10 doubts to ask in trigonometry but the number increased when calculus started, this is not good. You can’t give a reason here that every chapter is different. The most important aspect is that the thought process and logic generation should get better as fast as possible, not in just one topic or one subject but in all three.

3. Health : Has excessive stress and pressure taken a toll on your health?

When we start with JEE preparation, things are new, so it’s natural to have some pressure but if you are sinking down in the pool of depression because of JEE , you can never crack it, not because you don’t have potential but rather that its not your passion and what we don’t like, I don’t think we can achieve it anyhow.

4. Want : Is that want of being an IITian same inside you now as it was earlier?

When most people start with JEE preparation, the first target is IIT, nothing less than that. It’s only after a matter of time when most of them realize the level of JEE and shift their focus to “backups”. The shift in the focus is the first indicator that you are no longer in the race.

5. Seriousness : Has good performance made you overconfident or bad performance resulted in making you under-confident?

JEE preparation phase is nothing but a sine curve. It has some ups, some downs but those are surely not the measures of your final performance on that day. Bragging about it will surely not help in getting you anywhere. Added to it, a bad performance should motivate you to do better next time rather than making you hopeless.

6. Negligence : Are you still one of those who likes to study just his favorite subject and neglect the other two or are you one of those who hesitate to ask doubts in class just because your friends will have a laugh on your so-called “stupidity”?

JEE is just not about being good in one subject, it’s about being proficient in all 3 areas of science according to the JEE syllabus as that teaches you a lot of things apart from basic academic related stuff. Studying Math for 10 hours a day is not going to yield anything. Equal time should be given to all the three to have fare performance in all of them.

You should also not hesitate to get your JEE concepts cleared from anywhere possible just because you feel that someone is going to laugh on you. Remember, they will be more happy if you are not able to make it to the final goal of yours. Your good performance is the only way you can shut those fellows forever.

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Rakshit Tiwari
IIT Guwahati

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