Do IITJEE/NEET Preparation Apps Help or Waste Your Time?

By | Last updated on October 15th, 2020

JEE NEET preparation apps.

“The Top IIT JEE preparation app.”

“The Best NEET preparation app.”

“Most downloaded CBSE preparation app.”

It seems like the apps are everywhere. Whether you are a student targeting JEE, NEET or Board exams, there are hundreds of apps promising to help you in the preparation.

If you are already taking coaching, then these apps are advertised as supplementary resources that can help you in clearing your target exam.

Don’t get lured by this App Mania! There is no substitute for your coaching and school.

What Students Say About JEE/ NEET Preparation Apps?

According to Jashan Singhal, who got AIR 110 in JEE Advanced 2013, “With all due respect to all the JEE preparation apps, I believe no app can compensate for books.”

Solving questions and consistent practice are the keys to clear JEE or NEET. If you spend your time on searching and exploring apps, don’t you think you are losing valuable time for your preparation?

Unless it’s a live doubt-clearing session (offline or online), how can you trust the solution from an app that answers your doubts or questions? They can say that the question is solved by an IITian or BITSian, but how do you know about its authenticity?

For a JEE/ NEET aspirant, to have better understanding, the most important thing is the explanation of the concept or solution verbally from the teacher; the teacher with whom you can talk and clear your doubts.

Advanced Apps to Enhanced Learning – Helps or Distract?

There are apps which say that they explain concepts to students through animations and 3d videos. Is that what you need? What happened to the good old method of learning the concept straight from a teacher in the class (also available in online coaching classes)? What about your questions? What about the two-way interaction that you can have with your tutor in the class?

Whether these apps will be helpful or not is doubtful, however, the probability of distraction through smartphones is higher. Your smartphone can be the biggest distraction in JEE/ NEET preparation.

Saurav Tiwary from IIT Patna, “I never used an app for JEE preparation. I kept myself away from smartphones.”

There are lakhs of apps marketed as “educational” in the app stores. Parents are led to believe that these apps provide real learning opportunities for their children, but scientific research suggests that many of the apps are nothing more than digital candy.

Beware of apps! Learn from a teacher in the class.

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