How to Stay Focused While Preparing for NEET?

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Tips to stay focused for NEET.

NEET preparation is a long journey and it involves studying a vast syllabus of class 11 and 12. Whether it’s the waiting period for the exam, fatigue of long term preparation, exhaustion, personal issues like breakup, or due to some other distraction, many students fail to concentrate in studies and it gets difficult for them to stay focused in NEET preparation.

Some students get depressed because of scoring low marks in tests and thus lose focus in NEET preparation. In this post, we will see some ways to stay focused and clear the NEET exam.

How to Stay Focused While Preparing for NEET?

Here are some tips to stay focused in NEET preparation.

1. Stay calm in every situation

A happy and relaxed mind will tend to focus more on studies than the one with uncertainty and anxiety all around grasping you. Stay calm, no matter how difficult the situation is.

2. Make a study plan for the remaining time

You should have a daily study schedule during the remaining days of NEET preparation. A study plan ensures you have a clear vision of what you need to do and this makes it easier to focus and actually perform the necessary actions.

3. Focus on short productive study hours

Instead of studying for long hours, identify your most productive hours and study and revise at those times. Like if you remember things and focus better early in the morning, then study more during that time.

4. Don’t give into short term pleasures and distractions

During the NEET preparation, students feel lethargic at times and try new things like spending time on social platforms, internet surfing, Netflix, etc. While it’s fine to explore these things during your study breaks, don’t make them dominate yourself and distract you from your goal. Think about what clearing NEET will do to your life and future. Don’t get distracted . Stay focused to achieve your goals.

5. Try new methods of revision and studies

I can understand that you may get tired of the same study routine and revision methods. If that is the reason you are losing focus in NEET preparation, then you must try some new learning and revision techniques. You can follow summary-diagrams-summary approach, practice new types of questions, smart revision tips, flow charts, flashcards, mnemonics to remember difficult words, phrases and statements.

6. Look beyond NCERT to practice NEET level questions

NCERT is the most important book for NEET, however every year there are a few questions in the NEET exam that are outside of NCERT textbooks. You can solve MCQs from a NEET reference book or previous years papers. Doing this regularly keeps a check on the fact that you haven’t forgotten a particular concept, method or property.

7. Remember why you are preparing for NEET

Be self-motivated and ambitious. Whenever you are about to get inclined towards the things which are not letting you to focus on studies then remember why you have decided to prepare for the NEET. Whether it’s your parents’ wish or your own dream to become a doctor, there has been something in you which made you the potential candidate to clear the NEET exam.

8. Stay healthy, eat nutritious food, sleep well

Eat your meals on time and have a good sleep at night. It will help you in concentrating more on your studies, revision and NEET preparation. You’ll focus well and always feel energetic.

Have a sole dream in your mind and heart, and be ready to go through all the obstacles to achieve it. 

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