How to Crack the NEET 2021 Exam in 7 Months?

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Tips to crack NEET in remaining months.

Question asked by a NEET 2021 aspirant – “How should I study for the NEET examination, as there are only 7 months remaining?”

How to Crack the NEET 2021 Exam in 7 Months?

Best study tips to crack NEET in the remaining months.

  1. Read the text book for all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and be thorough with them. All the theory questions are going to be asked only from the textbook.
  2. Be thorough with the diagrams and their labellings in Biology. Diagram questions are scoring.
  3. Practice problems from textbooks for Physics and Chemistry. They mostly involve thinking out of the box which is necessary.
  4. Keep a daily simple time table for yourself. Don’t depend on others for one. Study daily and slowly. Don’t rush up with the portion. Keep writing weekly tests to analyze how you are going.
  5. Whatever you read, read it thoroughly. If you think you are forgetting easily (which was my problem), write down whatever you read. It will take some time, but at least you will be perfect with what little you have read.
  6. Follow teacher’s notes. Read it frequently. They actually know what kind of questions are going to be asked in NEET.
  7. Eat properly. Sleep properly. Don’t sacrifice them. You need to be alive by the time you reach May. Don’t force yourself into reading 16–17 hrs per day. What all you read in a small amount of time, read perfectly.
  8. Eat nutritious food. Sleep at least for 6 hrs a day. Be attentive. Enjoy a little. But whenever you read, read with all your heart.

Wishing you a very all the best for your future.

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