6 Benefits of Participating in Olympiads and Competitions

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Benefits of Participating in Olympiads.

Nidhi Singh is one of the many students who benefited from Mystudycart Learning Platform. In 18th NSO (SOF), she got 2nd rank in her school, awarded a silver medal and a merit certificate.

She developed tremendous competitive spirit, gained advantage over her peers who stayed away from Competitions and Olympiads.

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes many Olympiads for students of class 1st to 12th. IEO (International English Olympiad), IMO (International Maths Olympiad), NSO (National Science Olympiad) and NCO (National Cyber Olympiad).

6 Benefits of Participating in Olympiads and Competitions

1. Early Exposure to Learning and Competition

Students gain additional knowledge, they learn the way to answer and confidence to write papers. The competition tends to make participants into very sharp-minded and ‘clever’ problem solvers.

It gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills by tackling a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms.

2. Understanding the Concepts and Application

The Olympiad exams not just test the student’s concept but the application of those concepts. For example, every child learns about calculating HCF and LCM but the questions a student’s face will be based on “Applications of HCF and LCM”.

3. Competitive Analysis

Through Olympiads and Competitions, students can analyse their performance at school, city, state, national and international level.

4. Awards and Recognitions

Awards are always good for students’ morale after they achieve something. Prizes for Olympiads winners include cash awards, medals, gifts, certificates etc. The International toppers from each class are awarded at a grand prize distribution ceremony.

Above all, the proud feeling of representing the state/country at national or international level is the best reward for the student.

5. Solid Foundation for IIT JEE/ NEET

Participating and preparing for exams like NSTSE, NTSE, JSTSE, NSO, IMO helps in development of student’s IQ, Logical and Analytical thinking from a very young age which helps in later stages when they prepare for JEE, NEET and other competitive exams.

6. Open Doors to MIT and other International Universities (With Scholarship)

Keshav Dhandhaniya won the bronze in International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI, 2009) and silver in IOI 2010, joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he did Bachelor’s in Computer Science followed by Master’s in Artificial Intelligence.

He says, “The Olympiad training and algorithms were by far the most important thing I did during school. It has led to my admission at MIT. And that, in turn, has opened many doors.”

The advantage of participating in any type of competition is it teaches you how to lose and win. You will probably fail a fair amount of times before you get your first award.

Students are going to learn an important lesson: It takes a ton of effort to become a winner, but it’s totally worth it.


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