IIT JEE Preparation from TV Channels. Good or Bad?

By | January 5, 2017

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Now you can prepare for IIT JEE, one of the world’s toughest entrance examination, through television. No this is not a joke. It’s an initiative by MHRD to reduce the impact of coaching for IIT JEE preparation.

As per news sources, you will have three separate channels for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. There will be a fourth channel for Biology too.

The content of these TV channels is still not clear, but most likely they will run JEE video lectures. You may have watched the same type of videos on YouTube. For start, the lectures will be delivered in English only.

Now the question for students (JEE aspirants) is,

Will these Video Lectures on TV Channels be effective for JEE?

Many of you have already joined JEE coaching for 1 year or 2 year course. You are following a proper schedule each day – school, coaching, and self study (most important). How you are going to benefit from these TV channels to enhance your preparation for JEE?

Taking time out from a regular JEE preparation schedule is not recommended. Maybe on weekends you can try to watch these TV channels. But you may also have weekly tests, and the weekend self study is very crucial in JEE preparation.

For you, the JEE preparation TV channels will not be much helpful and I would suggest you to avoid them for now.

For students who are not taking any coaching for JEE?

If you are not taking any coaching right now, you can definitely include these channels as an important resource in your preparation. You can identify which lectures are more clear and not boring.

Like all recorded videos, doubt removal will not be possible via these TV channels. You can’t interact with the IIT professors, teachers, or IIT students, who are presenting these lectures.

What’s the quality of content and lectures delivered by IIT JEE TV Channels?

The correct review can be given only after watching some videos but it has been said that the lectures will be prepared by IIT professors. The question is, Are IIT professors better teachers than IIT JEE coaching teachers?

The answer is No. As per a Study conducted by IIT-Kanpur campus newspaper, nearly 75% students said that their coaching faculty were better at teaching than the IIT-K professors.

Can I avoid Coaching and focus on JEE Preparation via TV Channels?

There is a risk here. The MHRD and IIT council may not be very confident about the quality of these TV lectures. Recently, Ministry of Social Justice has selected a group of coaching institutes to provide quality coaching to SC and OBC candidates. The ministry also decided to bear the entire expenditure.

If they were confident about the quality of lectures via TV channels, they could have refer the same to reserved category students, or might have provided the facility of watching these video lectures.

What are the names of TV Channels broadcasting IIT JEE lectures?

The TV channels are supposed to start providing JEE lectures from January 2017. The various DTH operators may be asked to provide these channels Free to Air to viewers.

Officially, there are no TV channel names announced by MHRD yet.

When IIT-PAL app going to be launched?

IIT-PAL app was supposed to be launched in August 2016, but delayed due to lack of resources, like study material, notes, video lectures were not prepared in time.

If you go to Swayam portal, a MOOC based open learning platform by MHRD and AICTE, under the IIT-PAL category, there is nothing except a course on Compiler, which is definitely not the thing you would like to learn for JEE!

As of today, there are no official words from MHRD or IIT Council on when the IIT-PAL App will be launched finally.

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