Tips for Writing Section in English Board Exams

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English board exam tips.

This can be followed for all forms except the format (the format here given is of article writing).

Your article should include:

  1. An INTRODUCTION (which clarifies the topic to be covered and keeps the reader’s attention).
  2. THE MAIN BODY (2-4 para as per word limit).
  3. CONCLUSION (summarising the topic, or a final opinion, recommendation or comment).




Writer’s Name

Content (Value points related to the topic) 3-4 Paragraph

Para 1 : Brief Introduction of the status of the issue

Para 2 : Analysis of the topic in terms of

  • Types
  • Consequences
  • Causes
  • Good/bad aspects
  • related information

Para 3: Implications – social / environmental / Psychological / health related.

Para 4: Concluding Para-Suggestions / reminders.


Grammatical accuracy, spellings, coherence, relevance of ideas and style.

Steps taken to write an article/speech

  • Thinking about the topic and ideas associated with it.
  • Collecting ideas involved through brain storming/ discussion/ sources.
  • Organizing : the ideas in logical order.
  • Revising critically.

The above mentioned things are to be followed, you can find them easily at any website, but now let’s talk about some key points. 

How to make your article impressive in the English exam?

  1. Keep it simple, most often we use hard long words to impress the checker but it goes the wrong way. Always remember “it’s always the simple that produces the marvelous”.
  2. Underline the topmost (which according to you are most relevant and fully correct) points of your article. There are lots of copies so teacher is not gonna read your whole article.
  3. Always keep a single thing in each para, don’t mix it otherwise you may lose a precious point that can be converted into a para.
  4. Focus should always be on the topic, don’t get lost.
  5. Use small sentences, so that there are least chances of grammatical mistakes.
  6. Write under the world limit provided.
  7. There should always be a flow in your article leading to a particular conclusion (make a conclusion in the beginning and write the points in favor of your conclusions throughout), it shows ideas in logical order.
  8. Keep it very clean, don’t over-write, instead cut the whole word and write again.
  9. If you have a bad handwriting or a little messy one, then try to write in large size.
  10. If you have got some sayings or some rhyming lines in favor write then in inverted commas, underlined at the end of article, or after the end of the para.

One more tip for writing literature answers is to write chapter & writer’s name on top of the answer & underline the most relevant part of answer.

Important suggestion: Read articles, so that your thinking will increase in that way.

Hope it helps.

Best wishes.
Utkarsh Gupta (Among top 1% Students in class 12th CBSE board exams)

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