How to Become a Topper in School? Strategy From One of the CBSE Topper

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strategy to become a topper in school

Anybody who gives the full at a time to a particular thing is a topper in that.

Everybody is a topper & everything we want in our life is an inch outside our comfort zone & an inch inside our effort zone. WE JUST HAVE TO MAKE A MOVE.

Until school I used to focus on the classes with top concentration, so that I almost learn about the topic, and then used to study near the exams, or when some stuff is given to do with the topic.

Strategy to Become a Topper in School

Before all the strategy I would like you to believe in yourself as the first & the most important step towards success is the feeling that we can succeed.

Life will always be what you make of it.

Coming to strategy, you should collect all your syllabus then count your days. Now you have to divide syllabus as per the days, like 4 topics a day & you should complete them on daily basis. It’s important as it makes you confident & gives a feeling that you completed the day’s target that will lead to your goal.

Always focus on classes at school, coaching, wherever you are being taught, with full concentration.

Always solve questions after studying a topic and if you’re unable to solve then go back to the topic instead of understanding from the solution page.

Start from the basic questions & then reach to top and whenever you find something hard, go back to topic basics rather than trying question more than 5 times.

After studying for a particular chapter, close all the books and stuff & try to remember only the name of the topics you’ve read under the chapter (by just remembering the topic your mind will catch the whole gist of that). You should also do this before going to sleep for your whole day study.

After learning you can watch videos of the topic etc etc to make it understand in more depth level.

Keep it Simple (It’s always the simple that produces the marvelous).

Complete your daily targets & Before you know you’ll be a topper.

Some tips on how to write answers:

  • Be to the point.
  • Always create a flow in your answers that leads to a particular direction or point.
  • You can write chapter name & writer’s name on top for literature questions in English.
  • Underline the sentence which gives the best gist of your answer.

I’m not going to tell how many hours you should study, Do whenever you want, But it should be pure study, no multitasking, let only smartphones do it 😛

Lastly & Most Importantly I would say, Study to gain knowledge rather than to become a topper because there is always something to learn & there will always be someone who’s better than you, your knowledge stays with you & helps when the time grows.

Utkarsh Gupta (Among top 1%Students in CBSE 12th Boards)

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