How Can an Average Student Become a JEE/ NEET Topper?

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From average student to topper.

Are JEE/ NEET toppers born with a lot of intelligence?

No! Toppers are never born with a lot of intelligence. It all depends on the amount of time and effort one devotes in order to improve himself/ herself. Everyone is born with almost the same IQ and power to think. All of us have equal opportunity to improve in one way or the other and equal freedom to choose.

How do we tag someone as a topper? It’s the guy/ girl who knows most of the topic beforehand, answers all the questions correctly and scores marks which is much above the average score of the class; and thus a topper is spotted. Isn’t it?

How can an Average student become a JEE/ NEET Topper?

An average student can become a topper by devoting the proper amount of time and dedicated efforts to become one. Toppers are not born, they are ordinary humans who choose to go for the extra. It’s the years of dedication, hard work and clear motive that makes a topper.

Becoming a topper is never a one week story or a one month story or a year story, it’s a story of multiple years and efforts. The masses say that the toppers understand anything when they read it for the first time, let me tell you how they do it. It’s due to years of practice.

Right from their junior classes, toppers have paid a lot of attention in understanding every single thing they were taught to its proper basis. This habit and extra effort of trying to understand things expand their mental horizons and inculcate a behavior of cautiously looking into the topics in a more logical way to understand rather than just mugging up the stuff for the exam sake.

It’s the initial up-bringing and attitude towards a thing that also plays a major role in becoming a topper.

This is the most primary difference between a topper and an average student, the secondary differences are their approach towards a particular work and the motivation to do it.

“ It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success. ”- Lionel Messi

Abhijeet Mahato

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